Top Jarvis Alternatives Copywriters can try out in 2022 (Jarvis Alternatives CopyAI, Flowrite, Copysmith, Smartwriter…) 

Jarvis Alternatives

What is Jarvis AI? 

Jarvis AI is a copywriting tool that employs machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to assist you in writing blog posts, social media posts, high-converting ad copy, emails, landing pages & sales funnel copy, product descriptions, website content, catchy headlines, scripts, stories, books, and more. This is a fantastic tool for anyone who needs assistance writing copy or content.

Jarvis Alternatives are the list of other AI softwares that does similar work but not the same as Jarvis. Without a doubt, there are a lot of Jarvis Alternatives but none can be compared to Jarvis – the most used AI writing tool by copywriters. 


We recommend Jarvis not just because everyone is using it but because of its efficiency and the quality of its work. Jarvis has made work a lot easier for copywriters. 

This software allows you to generate proven high-converting sales and marketing messages in seconds. It employs artificial intelligence technology similar to that used by Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, and many other companies.

Jarvis AI is simple to utilize. It works on three easy steps: first, you need to choose a template from more than 50+ choices available. Second, input the data, then start creating content.

You can click here to find out more about Jarvis. 

Jarvis Alternatives 

Communication is very essential not just in our relationship with people – family, wife, husband, colleagues but also in our business. How to convince potential customers to buy our products can only be done via a skill known as Copywriting. 

Copywriting has evolved into a necessary skill for every online marketer and digital entrepreneur. Many of you are probably already familiar with copywriting and/or online advertising.

Online marketers have access to numerous platforms to advertise and sell their products, but writing original content can be time-consuming, and copywriters can suffer from writer’s block and draw a blank at times. Copywriters, in fact, require the right tools to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. does have a lot of features that can help writers. However, it is not cheap, and it will only get more expensive from here because they are already market leaders. Fortunately, there are Jarvis alternatives to that you can consider if it is not a good fit for your needs.

Here are the top Jarvis Alternatives to consider for your company.


SmartWriter is one of the worthy Jarvis Alternatives. It specializes in email copy, and it employs AI bots to generate personalized email copy to create one-of-a-kind outreach messages. Users can also use SmartWriter to validate email addresses and create content for landing pages, social media, e-commerce copy, product descriptions, and blogs.

SmartWriter is best known for its emailing tools, which can be used to validate email addresses, create personalized introductions, and distribute highly convertible copies to clients.


  • Versatile email writing tools that verify email addresses and give you access to LinkedIn data, news, and company information.
  • Effortless copywriting tools for e-commerce platforms like Shopify
  • In-depth social media content creation tools that are designed to produce posts with high engagement and conversion rates.
  • Tools that are adaptable for long-form content


  • Absence of collaboration and landing page characteristics
  • Outreach and writing credits can impose constraints on large enterprises that need to launch large-scale campaigns.


  •  Basic plan- $49 per month
  •  Popular plan- $79 per month
  • Pro plan- $129 per month

LongShot AI

Among the numerous Jarvis Alternatives, LongShot ranks quite high. LongShot is a complete AI system for long-form content (blogs, long social posts, product reviews, reports, essays, etc). 

You can research the topic you want to write about, create structured posts (of any length), and make it SEO-friendly. LongShot’s inbuilt fact-checker, which checks for any false or misleading text, is a standout feature. 

LongShot is best known for its all-in-one blog wizard, which ensures high SEO rankings. The industry’s first fact-checker ensures that your content is error-free.


  • Seamless assistant features for creating long-form content
  • Facts Checker 
  • SEO-friendly features for launching lengthy posts
  • Unrestricted research


 Lack of API tools.


  • Free trial plan available
  • Pro plan- $29.9 per month
  • Custom pricing plans are available for enterprise solutions. 


Flowrite is one of the most used Jarvis Alternatives. Flowrite employs artificial intelligence to generate ready-to-send emails, messages, and personalized posts. Flowrite, which specializes in business communication, also offers template features to automate repetitive tasks and emails. Flowrite is currently undergoing private beta testing.

Flowrite is best known for its template and customization features. Flowrite includes curated templates, but users can easily create new templates to match the tone and structure of their messages. Users can also choose how creative and distinctive their bot-generated messages should be. 


  • With only a few keyword commands to Flowrite’s AI bot, personalized emails are generated.
  • Pre-installed templates and customization options are extremely useful.
  • Dashboard for a web-app with community features that has been simplified
  • Comprehensive features that use smart algorithms to set the tone of any conversation.


  • In comparison to its peers, there is a lack of social media and blog features.
  • Currently, only Google Chrome and Gmail are supported. 


At the moment, the software is in beta testing, so pricing plans are customized and not openly available on the website. 

Content Bot 

Content Bot is unique and it is also one of the best Jarvis Alternatives. ContentBot is most well-known for the originality of its content. 95 percent of the content generated by Contentbot’s AI is unique, and a uniqueness score is assigned to each piece of content to indicate how unique it is.

ContentBot provides advanced AI-based content creation bots for copywriters, marketers, SEO specialists, and bloggers. ContentBot generates content for copywriting formats such as blog topics, brand names, slogans, and sales emails in less than 30 seconds.


  • Multilingual platform that supports all of Google Translate’s available languages
  • WordPress plugin and web app have been simplified.
  • Advanced deep-learning systems that generate text that looks like it was written by a human
  • Features that help to ensure that content remains unique


  • The number of blog posts and article rewrites is limited in the pricing plans.
  • The knowledge and support base could be expanded.


  • Free trial plan is available
  • Premium plan- $29 per month
  •  Premium Plus plan- $79 per month


Peppertype’s AI features are ideal for marketing teams, product managers, and content creators. Peppertype generates a list of marketing copies based on product names and descriptions that can be saved or bookmarked based on user preferences.

Pepper type, one of the best Jarvis alternatives, is best known for its SEO-friendly tools, which ensure that blogs and social media posts contain enough high-ranking keywords to boost impressions and engagement.


  • SEO-friendly tools to ensure generated content ranks well
  • Advanced GPT-3-based content creation tool that generates 100% original copies
  • There are no capped limits on the number of copies that can be made.
  • Crisp generator that generates content that is relevant to your product and brand


  • Peopertype doesn’t have email features compared to its peers
  •  Lack of long-form content features compared to peers. 


CopyAI’s AI-powered bot generates digital ad copies, social media content, e-commerce/website content, blog content, and sales copy. CopyAI generates 10 results at a time using GPT-3-based AI algorithms, which can be edited and re-generated as needed by the user.

CopyAI is one of the most efficient Jarvis alternatives and it is best known for its sales copy tools, which enable users to create pain-agitate solutions, before-and-after bridges, and attention-interest-desire-action (AIDA) copies.


  • Sales copywriting tools that are versatile
  • There are multilingual options available.
  • Tools for saving and organizing projects that are adaptable
  • Simple tools for changing the tone of a copy


  • API capabilities are lacking.
  • More emailing features are required.


  • Free trial plan is available
  •  Solo plan- $49 per month
  • Tailored pricing plans available for enterprise solutions


By utilizing machine-learning models and large data sets of written material, Wordtune’s platform specializes in re-writing and changing the tone of any copy. Wordtune is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to rewrite or change the context of any copy.

Wordtune is best known for its sentence modification tools, which can change the context of a casual statement to make it formal. Wordtune also has options for shortening and expanding sentences.

It is also one of the mmost trusted Jarvis alternatives


  • Chrome extension that is versatile and works on any website
  • Versatile tools for changing context and lengthening/shortening sentences
  • There are multilingual options available.
  • Tools for making suggestions


  • When compared to competitors, content generation features are lacking.
  • Certain sentences’ contexts may change on occasion during rewrites.


  • Free trial plan is available
  •  Premium plan- $24.99 per month
  • Customized pricing plans available for teams


Writesonic provides AI-powered writing tools for creating content for blogs, advertisements, landing pages, and product information. Writesonic’s algorithms generate audience-friendly content that converts well by using data from high-performing copies from all of the top brands available online.

Writesonic also ranks high among the list of Jarvis alternatives. Writesonic is best known for its publishing/launch features, which allow users to edit, share, and export content directly once it has been generated onto any supported platform, resulting in less unnecessary copy-pasting.


  • Ad features that allow users to edit, copy, share, and launch Facebook and Google ads immediately after they are created.
  • There is multilingual support available.
  • Customized features are available upon request.
  • Long-form content writing tools with a strong conversational style


  • Blog content is subject to monthly limits.
  • More email features are required.


  • Free trial plan is available
  • Starter plan- $11.6 per month
  • Professional plan- $39.6 per month
  • Business plan- $199.6 per month

Copykat AI

Copykat is also one of the most efficient Jarvis alternatives. It uses AI and machine learning to generate copy for advertisements, slogans, taglines, and blogs. The GPT-3-based platform used by Copykat generates copies in multiple languages and is useful for both long and short-form content.

Copykat’s pricing plans are best known for providing users with access to all AI-powered output types and languages for $19.99 per month. Users have a total of 500 output sessions with no word limits.


  • There are multilingual options available.
  • Pricing strategies that are cost-effective
  • Useful blogging tools for creating intros and headlines
  • Product names and descriptions can be generated using flexible e-commerce tools.


  • More emailing tools are required.
  • The knowledge base and support center should be improved.


  • Free trial plan available
  • Monthly plan- $19.99 per month


The AI-powered content generation bot from Headlime is designed for marketing agencies, copywriters, and business owners.

Headlime’s GPT-3-based platform and two distinct content-generation bots (Davinci and Curie) produce high-conversion copies for long-form and short-form content creators. Headlime also provides tools for creating landing pages and facilitating collaboration.

Headlime is best known for its landing page tools, which enable users to create optimized landing pages for their copies using a drag-and-drop interface and simple editor tools.


  • Templates that are versatile and multilingual and are available in a variety of languages
  • In comparison to many competitors, our support center and knowledge base are extensive.
  • Tools for creating landing pages
  • Team members can use these tools to store, organize, retrieve, and edit copies.


  • Content filters can be constraining.
  • Large batches of content cannot be generated due to fair usage restrictions.

None of the Jarvis alternatives can be like it. We highly recommend Jarvis not only because it is widely used, but also because of its efficiency and high quality of work. Jarvis has made copywriters’ lives much easier.

In seconds, you can generate proven high-converting sales and marketing messages using this software. It makes use of artificial intelligence technology similar to that used by Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, and a number of other companies.

Jarvis AI is easy to use. It works in three simple steps: First, select a template from the more than 50 options available. Second, enter the data and begin creating content.

You can learn more about Jarvis by clicking here.

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