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Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD

Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 2

Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD

People want to know more about what singer Usher has to with Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). In this write-up, we will take a look at what led the name of Usher to go along with Herpes.

To properly dissect the situation between Usher and Herpes, we need to know who the individual is before making any assessment.


All you need to know about Usher

Usher is the stage named of a popular American, musician, songwriter, singer, dancer, and producer. He was born in Dallas, Texas United States of America (USA) on the 14th of October 1978. His real name is Usher Terry Raymond IV and although born in Texas he was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

When he was six years old He began singing in his church choir. Usher then moved in with his mother and brother to Atlanta and landed a recording contract with LaFace Records after he performed on the hit show Star Search.


At the age of 15, Two years after the show, Usher in 1994, released his first, self-titled album and soon after became a star. Based on his sexy dance moves, broad vocal range, polished vocals, sensual ballads, and chic style Usher became well known soon after.

Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 3

Usher has dominated the airwaves For more than 15 years releasing an album that sold more than 1 million copies in its first week back in 2004 titled Confessions.


Usher has earned several People’s Choice awards Grammy’s among other honors. He has that have repeatedly landed at No. 1 on the chart for instance he produced the album Looking 4 Myself back In June 2012, which found a No. 1 spot on Billboard’s albums chart.

Usher in 1997 released his second album titled My Way which included singles and hit tracks while some of his other albums include You Make Me Wanna and Nice & Slow. The album sold more than 7 million copies and skyrocketed the young artist to fame.

Usher moved across several different musical genres over the course of his career including Pop R&B and blues.


Usher became known for incorporating sexual undertones into his music videos, performances, and songs. He was also quickly lauded for his addictive melodies and fluid vocals.

In 1999 Usher decided to release Usher Live which was followed by 2001’s incredibly successful 8701 which brought as two Grammy Award-winning singles, U Don’t Have to Call and U Remind Me and also U Got It Bad which was the number song in the country as the album sold More than 4 million copies in the United States of America alone.

Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 4


In 2004, Usher released Confessions Nearly a decade after making his first album and it was extremely well-received as in its first week More than 1 million copies of the album were sold, and nearly 20 million copies worldwide as sales accumulated.

The album included the songs such as Yeah a collaboration with Ludacris and Lil Jon, Confessions Part II, and Burn. Usher had achieved 13 Top 20 hits and seven of them were No. 1 single and at the Billboard Music Awards he was named Artist of the Year.

A year later Usher received three Grammy Awards which include best rap/sung collaboration, best R&B performance by a duo or group, and best contemporary R&B album. He later scooped up two People’s Choice Awards and had an incredibly impressive track record.


Usher won two more Grammys, Following the release of Raymond v. Raymond back in 2010 which include for the song “There Goes My Baby taking the best male R&B performance and for best contemporary R&B album. Usher produced the album Looking 4 Myself back In June 2012 which found a No. 1 spot on Billboard’s albums chart.

Over the course of his career, it is fair to say Usher is well accomplished with nine awards from the American Society of Composers, Publishers and Authors, five Grammys, eight Soul Train Music Awards, and 17 Billboard Music Awards among other honors.

Usher has worked as a film and stage actor Outside of music. on several television shows He went on to make guest appearances. In the teen horror film, The Faculty released in 1998 was one of his earliest roles acting on television.


Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 5

In the 2005 film In the Mix Usher played a disc jockey. in the Broadway play, Chicago released in 2006 he landed the lead role of Billy Flynn. Usher was announced as one of the newest judges and coaches of the popular singing-competition series titled The Voice back In 2012.

In 1999 Usher founded his charity, New Look Foundation which he also stays busy with. The charity holds conferences and camps for at-risk youth, works to promote leadership skills for kids in impoverished communities and provides funding for children in foster care and service programs.


He is a co-owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team and owns the record label US Records and a men’s cologne line.

Usher’s Dating and Marriage history

Usher stated a former member of the all-female group TLC named Chili In the early 2000s. However, he married Tameka Foster back In 2007. The couple had two children together born in 2007 Usher Raymond V and in 2008 Naviyd Ely Raymond but The couple divorced in 2009.


In 2012, his first son Usher Raymond V at his Atlanta home got caught in a pool drain. He survived his injuries after taken to a nearby hospital.

Tameka Foster Usher’s ex-wife After this accident launched a legal battle to regain custody of their two children. However, Usher retained custody of the children as the judge in the case disagreed.

Usher married Grace Miguel a top executive at Def Jam Records and his longtime girlfriend and manager In September 2015. after two years of marriage, They announced their separation in March 2018. Usher and girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea welcomed, Sovereign Bo a daughter back In September 2020.


Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 6

What is Herpes?

According to research two out of three adults in the world have Herpes (Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) which can be transmitted through anal, oral or vaginal, sex with someone who has its majority of people who have it don’t. even though it can lead to genital infection through oral sex in most cases People with herpes may not even know they have it.


Medication can shorten and even prevent outbreaks of Herpes even though herpes can’t be cured. Herpes is not a marker of how dirty or moral you are. Herpes It is, plain and simple a virus and not the end of a lifetime of healthy, happy, and sexy relationships, and diagnosis of Herpes is not banishment from the dating world.

Usher and Herpes

The details of Usher and Herpes has to do with a sexual encounter between the musician and Laura Helm. Laura Helm filed a suit against Usher that he knowingly infected her with the herpes simplex 2 virus (HSV-2).


Usher in turn asked a Georgia court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Laura Helm. According to Usher Laura Helm she knew of the risks of unprotected sex and owed her no duty of care as requested by her in the suit filed.

Reports reveal that Helms claims that during sexual encounters in 2017 Usher Raymond exposed her to genital herpes. However, she also revealed that in 2009 or 2010 Usher had been diagnosed with the incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD) and during their sexual encounters he did not tell her.

According to the accuser, she read online reports of Usher’s alleged diagnosis and later tested positive after experiencing symptoms. In the summer of 2017 Laura Helm As Jane Doe first sued Usher for $10 million in relation to the Herpes which is a sexually transmitted disease (STD).


After she was diagnosed with HSV-2, Laura Helm then raised her settlement to $20 million but without prejudice, That complaint was dismissed. Helms after changing attorneys decided to sue Usher again regarding Herpes in Fulton County Superior Court as the earlier decision meant she could refile.

Usher and Herpes: All you need to know about the singer and the STD 7

The latest suit by Laura Helms takes a different stance from the initial for just Herpes as now Her suit seeks unspecified money damages for the emotional and physical injuries sustained because of the HSV-2 diagnosis. It also alleges based on the Herpes intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, fraud, and negligence.


According to Usher, through his attorney, Steve Sadow regarding the Herpes argue she is not owed a duty of care. The attorney is asking an order for Helm to pay his attorney’s fees asking the court to dismiss the case as she could have contracted the Herpes virus from someone else based on a claim that Helm could have been asymptomatic before testing positive.

The claim by Usher might be difficult to show claiming she knew the risks of unprotected sex. However, a dismissal is unlikely as it will have to be proven that regarding the Herpes case that she voluntarily exposed herself to those risks, understood and appreciated the risks associated with the danger, and also had knowledge of the danger.

A jury will now have to decide the facts and if Usher breached his duty of care toward her regarding the Herpes transmission as knowing knows unprotected sex is dangerous is not enough and this case most likely will end in a settlement.


This is not the first time Usher has been involved with a case of him transmitting Herpes. a celebrity stylist who claimed Usher had infected her with herpes according to published documents In July 2017concerning a lawsuit that revealed in 2012 Usher settled for $1.1 million.

A man and two other women who claim Usher exposed them to Herpes (HSV-2) as well were represented by attorney Lisa Bloom who made the announcement in August 2017.


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