Watch how Nigerians and White Europeans unite for #EndSARS protest in Cologne, Germany! VideoπŸ‘‡

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the #EndSARS protest in Nigeria will travel beyond the shores of the country without a visa when it started about nine days ago.

Nigerian youths have been on the streets across different cities in the country as they demand a thorough and holistic police reforms among other demands.

With Idris Abdulkareem’s classic tune; “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” playing in the background, Nigerians and White Europeans in the city of Cologne, Germany vibed to the song as they amplify their voices for the #EndSARS protest.

See video here πŸ‘‡


Even though the Government announced that it has proscribed the dreaded unit known for brutalising, killing and extorting the youths in the country, the protesters are still on the streets.

The protesters have also rejected the new police unit created by the government called Special Weapon and Tactical Team (SWAT) as they claim officers from the defunct SARS will be drafted into the new unit.

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