Watch Nigerian Army and Police on a joint “operation” loot COVID-19 Pallaitives in Lagos🤣🤣! Video👇

Let it be known that on this day, the Nigerian Army and Police showed the world that there is more to what they can do together apart from going on a joint operation to provide security, maintain or restore law and order.

A viral video on social media showed moments when trucks of the Nigerian Army and Police parked in front of a warehouse where COVID-19 palliatives have been stored most likely for three months.

Food items such as bags of rice, granulated cassava, cartons of noodles among other items were packed into the backspace of a Nigerian military truck.

While the two security agencies were carrying out their joint “operation”, residents of the area in large numbers, were also seen carrying bags of food items from the storehouse.

Reports suggest that the palliatives that are being looted were stored up by some politicians in the state.

The looted food items carry labels such as “Cacovid” as well as “Not for sell” pasted on them.

See video here 👇

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