We will fight ruthlessly to protect our people – Governors Forum talks tough on Insecurity!

We will fight ruthlessly to protect our people – Governors Forum talks tough on Insecurity!

Nigeria’s Governors Forum has said that they will do everything possible to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians rather than succumb to the current wave of insecurity in the country.

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi who is the Chairman of the Governor’s Forum, said this on behalf of his colleagues while on a solidarity visit to Niger State Governor over the kidnappings that occurred in the state recently.

Kayode Fayemi told the Governors Forum that all the people want is to be able to sleep comfortably without fear of being attacked by criminals or terrorists and the Governors must not succumb to the growing security challenges, instead, they must all work together to fight it.

 The agenda of these people is to destroy the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is their ultimate agenda. It is either we succumb to it or we fight it. And I can assure you that we will fight it with every fibre of our being. We will fight it to save our people.

Our first responsibility as Governors is the security and welfare of our people. We do not want to lament because our people expect us to fix these problems. Our people want us to find a permanent solution to this cycle of violence, banditry, insurgency and criminality bedevilling our country.

All our people want is to be able to sleep in their houses with their eyes closed and that is the duty we owe them. What this means is that we need to come together as a country instead of engaging in blame games either as leaders or as citizens.

We need to explore every avenue to address this menace, we need to explore other avenues side by side with whatever the security institutions are doing. If that means engaging in dialogue, we may not have a choice but to engage in the dialogue. Anything that will help us deal with this crisis.

Governor Kayode added that some regions in the country are now dealing with remnants of Terrorism from the Northeast who have migrated to other regions in the country.

Terrorism, be it kidnapping, banditry or whatever name you call it, are the remnants of the actors of the northeast that have found themselves in other parts of the country. It is the remnants of terrorism that we are still dealing with. That is why we must not treat the northeast in isolation.

Governor Abubakar thanked the Governors Forum for identifying with Niger State at this difficult time and he called on the Government to find a permanent solution to security challenges in the country.

He also told the Governors Forum that  dialogue between the state and the armed bandits who took the students is on with regards to their release.

The time had come for us to come together and impose on the federal government to do the needful. There is a need for the federal government to proffer adequate intelligence and find a final resolution to this menace happening in our states

Dialogue is great. We are working on securing the release of the students and staff of Kagara secondary school through dialogue. We will dialogue with the bandits because we have realised that they have different missions and reasons for doing what they are doing. We will dialogue to look at their causes in addressing them,

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