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What happened to Ivan Lester Mcguire? Ivan Mcguire skydiving video 1988

What happened to Ivan Lester Mcguire? Ivan Mcguire skydiving video 1988 2

Ivan Lester Mcguire, a skydiving professional with over 800 dives died after jumping off a plan without his parachute. He died on the fifth of April 1998grom an altitude of 10,500ft.

Investigators have ruled out suicide and believe McGuire, who had completed over 800 jumps, made his fatal error because he was weary or distracted with filming.

What happened to Ivan Lester Mcguire?

McGuire, 35, was carrying camera equipment to film a pupil and an instructor from the Franklin County Sports Parachute Center when he died in a 10,500-foot jump.


The death of Ivan Lester Mcguire as a result of irresponsible parachuting was a life-changing incident that continues to this day. He was not a law enforcement officer who watched skydiving because he was a skydiver himself, but the confusion of not having brought his parachute cost him his life.

What happened to Ivan Lester Mcguire? Ivan Mcguire skydiving video 1988 3

Ivan Lester Mcguire’s skydiving accident was recorded on his camcorder, and the video is still available. You can find a video of his skydiving accident if you search for him on YouTube.

Ivan is the one on camera in the video, and by all accounts, he was not the only person who skydived that day. Others were also seen in the video jumping off the jet from a great height.


We haven’t gotten all the facts yet. But there is a regulation, No. 105, that states that the pilot must check–well, no one may jump unless the pilot checks the parachutes,” FAA inspector Walter Rigsbee said.

Ivan Lester Mcguire tragic demise has been investigated. During the examination, it was discovered that the pilot recognized his video hardware as a parachute due to its similar mass and weight.

Internet users reacted to his death on Instagram and Reddit, with some claiming his faults made him funny, while others felt it was an unfortunate death.


On the day of the accident, Ivan Lester Mcguire, who had completed over 800 plane jumps in the previous, was scheduled to make his third jump of the afternoon.

He was tired and had forgotten to bring his parachute before boarding the plane. In addition, the pilot had to ensure that everyone had a parachute. In any case, the pilot mistook his video equipment for a parachute, resulting in the biggest setback in skydiving history.

Ivan Mcguire skydiving video


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