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What happened to Nicholas Kyle Hoffman? Meet Maryland school teen who ran over a colleague over stolen Marijuana

Nicholas Kyle Hoffman got into the news after he ran over a classmate of his with a car over claims the latter stole marijuana from him. Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was later charged to court and was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder. 

Nicholas Kyle Hoffman

This post reveals how the incident happened and whether or not his colleague survived the incident which was described as one of the most wicked acts of violence by a prosecutor involved in the case. The incident happened in 2022. 

Who is Nicholas Kyle Hoffman?

Nicholas Kyle Hoffman is a 23-year-old man who intentionally drove and ran over a schoolmate, Logan Dandley over stolen marijuana. Both students attended South River High School in Edgewater, Maryland. Nicholas was 17 years old at the time he committed the crime. 


Did Logan Dandley die? 

Thankfully, Logan Dandley didn’t die from the unfortunate incident. Hoffman has been sentenced to life imprisonment which was suspended to all but 25 years for running over Dandley, who survived the severe injuries. 

The police report indicated that Hoffman ran over Dandley as revenge for allegedly stealing marijuana from one of his friends. The incident happened in Edgewater, Maryland, where both students studied at South River High School. State’s Attorney 

What happened to Nicholas Kyle Hoffman? Meet Maryland school teen who ran over a colleague over stolen Marijuana 1

Wes Adams expressed shock and called it one of the most inhumane acts of violence he had witnessed in his career. Cell phone footage of the hit-and-run was released by Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office, where Hoffman can be heard asking his friend to record him. 


In the video, Hoffman accelerates his car towards Dandley and another teenager while aggressively taunting them. Dandley is hit and left lying on the street while Hoffman drives away with a broken windshield. Hoffman was later arrested by police, who noticed the damage to his car. Adams condemned Hoffman’s actions, stating that resorting to violence is never an acceptable way to settle a dispute

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