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AI Writer: Can I get a Free AI Writer? All you need to know about AI text generator app

AI Writer: Can I get a Free AI Writer? All you need to know about AI text generator app 2

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In the world of AI writers ( AI-Writer, Writesonic, Copykat among a long list of others) Jarvis AI ranks as the best without a doubt. It has been used by a wide range of professionals across various fields and the reviews are mouth-watering because of its unique features. 

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AI Writer Free 

Would you be glad if someone helps you to write, reword an article on almost any given topic? Of course, you will! Well, the problem is, which of your friends can devote such time and energy? Probably none. But there is a solution, AI text generators. 


AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence.” This software helps in writing blog posts, articles, or any form of writing from scratch. Not only that, some can even help to reword your article which you have already written. 

AI-Writer, Writesonic, Jarvis among a very long list of others are some of the tools which have made the work of content writers, copywriters, advertisers easier nowadays. 

In this post, our focus is on AI Writer software. We shall take a look at all there is to know about it as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions about the software. We shall also share some AI Writer reviews with you. 

What is AI Writer 

AI Writer is ideal for SEO writers and content ninjas who don’t have the time to conduct in-depth research for article writing and content creation. This tool is essentially an AI content generator that generates an AI article for you based on the data you provide.


AI-Writer is the most accurate content generation platform, generating articles from just a headline using cutting-edge AI writing models. 

To use the article writing software, enter a topic headline or keyword, and the software’s automation system will scrape relevant information from the web and create an article for you. According to the company’s website, using it can save up to 33% of writing time.

However, SEO bloggers and content marketers need to be aware that AI Writer is not a substitute for human writing. It only seeks to augment the writing process by collating information in a persuasive manner which content writers can then optimize as per their needs.

AI Writer Highlights 

  • Full-length article drafts provide a solid foundation for writing.
  • Citations should be listed so that you can verify the information and deliver accurate and high-quality content.
  • The text generated by AI is always current and relevant.
  • The text generated by AI is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and original.
  • The AI-generated text is authoritative and SEO-friendly.

How AI-Writer Works 

Today, the GPT-3 model from OpenAI is used by the majority of AI writers. The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is a language model with autoregressive features.


Simply put, the AI uses its dataset to string together sentences by predicting the next best word for the word that is just placed in a sentence, while keeping context in mind.

The AI model was trained with approximately 570GB of data and used 10% of the internet in 2019 as its data source.

This is a massive amount of text, but it results in high-quality, original content that, for the most part, makes sense.

Yes, the AI will occasionally return nonsensical information, but our research has shown that the AI produces excellent results 80 percent of the time.


AI Writer Features 

  • AI Writer creates unique article drafts based solely on a headline. It’s an excellent way to get your content started.
  • AI-Writer is your on-demand personal assistant. If you already have a piece of content that you want to re-publish, we’ve got you covered. Submit it, wait two minutes, and you’re done. Your article has been reworded. Same content, but with new text!
  • AI-Writer generates a list of citations and sources for you to manually check for accuracy. Control is preferable to trust!
  • Do you want to create your own text from the ground up? Our SEO Editor can assist you in locating the right words – the words that Google is looking for.

Is AI-Writer Free 

Yes, you can start a free trial on any of its three packages for one week. 

AI-Writer Pricing 

The official AI Writer website offers a seven-day free trial with limited capabilities that allows you to generate automated articles. If you’re pleased with the trial results, you can upgrade to any of the paid plans.

  • Basic Plan at $19/month
  • Standard Plan at $49/month
  • Custom Plan at Tailor-made rates

How does AI Work? 

AI engines read information from a variety of sources in the same way that humans do. It recognizes phrases and word associations. Once it has finished understanding, it will create structured unique articles by combining words and phrases in a way that makes sense.

AI writer comprehends context and can write fluent articles by utilizing appropriate research materials and keyword density.


Is AI Writer Legit? 

Yes AI Writer is legit. It is an excellent writing tool for bloggers and short-form writers. The application is designed to be simple to use, allowing you to concentrate solely on your current task. The app is also adaptable and accessible across all major platforms.

AI Writer Reviews 

See what people are saying about AI Writer 

  • AI writer is really easy to use, now as the software still in the beta stage you can use it for free without any registration. the only thing you need to use the software is the keywords you need to write articles on, you just need to enter the keywords and enter you email id. the app will automatically scrap the web for articles based on the content and create an article by rewriting it. when the process is completed, you’ll get an email update.

Now the software works like this, it will automatically rewrite the article to 55% and give it to you, you can tweak it as you like to get as unique as it can get. you can also get the sources listed and sentences in the raw form as it is so you can manually view it or use is to get ideas. there is also another tab that gives you links to the sources from which the information was collected…… Edwin 

  • I like the simplicity of being able to open up the program and just start writing. Sometimes you have ideas that you need to be typed out quickly and this is a good little program for that purpose. It’s like text editor for a mac……Christy C 
  • first of all the software doesn’t need any sign in to use during the current alpha stage and very easy to work on. when you go to the site you get the option to select the topic you want and your email address, if you need you can also give url relevant to your keyword to grab information from them and youre set, the software automatically find useful content from the website and emails you. they say it can take few hours but i always got the article ready within minutes. there are three options to choose, high compression, ,middle compression and low compression depends on how wide you want to go off the topic with high compression gives the most accurate data. you also gets links from websites from which the ai took the data…. Nevin P


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