What we know about Cara Whitney, the wife of legendary American comedian, “Larry the Cable Guy”

What we know about Cara Whitney, the wife of legendary American comedian, "Larry the Cable Guy" 2

There are more than a handful of ways one can become especially in the American entertainment space. While some people became famous because of their art and craft, otherwise became well-known because of their relationship with someone who is already a household name. Such is the case of Cara Whitney.

Cara Whitney began to gain attention in the American media and entertainment space due to her marriage to a famous comedian, Daniel Lawrence Whitney who is better known by his stage name, Larry the Cable Guy.

What we know about Cara Whitney, the wife of legendary American comedian, "Larry the Cable Guy" 3

Let no one deceive you, my friend, hitting a rock with a sledgehammer to get water out is hard but digging deep to get information about the private life of Cara Whitney is harder.

Like many other celebrities, Cara Whitney has perfected the art of keeping details of her private life away from the eyes of the media such that little or no information is available as regards her upbringing.

However, in this article, we shall share what we know about her and other information which you probably won’t find anywhere else on the internet except here.


Cara Whitney is a 45yr-old American Radio host and writer. She was born into a family of farmers in 1976 in Wisconsin, United States. Our father owns a cattle farm which is where she developed her love for animals. How she spent her childhood, and whether she had a sibling or more are information she has never talked about.

She attended a local high school where she developed her passion for creative arts. Although she has never talked about her education we found out that she graduated with honors in 1998.


After leaving her hometown for Los Angeles, Cara Whitney worked as a Disc Jockey at a local radio station up until she met her husband. She stopped working as a Disc Jockey after she got married in 2005.

Aside from being an ex-Disc Jockey, she is also an author. She has published three books already. She recently published a book called Unbridled Faith for Young Readers where she reflected on her time and experiences on the farm. She also talks about the Christian belief concerning the challenges young people face while growing in the faith.

Other books she has published include;

  • Fields of Grace: Sharing Faith from the Horse Farm (2021)
  • Unbridled Faith: 100 Devotions from the Horse Farm (2018) 


Cara Whitney and her husband got attracted to one another while working in the same industry and they wasted no time in dating. They dated for about a year before they got married in a rather unusual way on the 3rd of July 2005.

Cara Whitney

They got married on a field in Nebraska which came as a surprise to many because both of them were celebrities already and as such, their wedding should be a grandeur one.

Instead, they both dressed casually and the cost of their wedding is estimated to be $180.

The couple has two children, a girl, and a boy. Wyatt Whitney was born on the 2nd of August 2006 while his sister Reagan Whitney who Daniel Lawrence named after his favorite US President, Ronald Reagan was born on the 29th of October, 2007.

Net Worth

Again, not much is known about Cara Whitney’s financial portfolio but we believe that she must have earned some decent amount of money from her radio work and her sales from her which are still selling at the moment.

T.V Appearances 

She and her husband have appeared on Fox and Friends, She also featured on Celebrity Family Feud as well as a TV documentary series titled Biography


Following the successful treatment of Wyatt Whitney’s hip dysplasia at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Cara and her husband donated a sum of $5m to establish a Hip Dysplasia Institute at the hospital. A wing at the institute was named after their son, Wyatt Whitney.

They also have a foundation called “Grit-R-Done” which provides help and support to veterans and children among other charitable works.

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