What you need to do and avoid when doing Dark Make-Up!

Dark Make-Up

What you need to do and avoid when doing Dark Make-Up!

Ladies, especially wear make-up to add some spice to their looks and the type of dress they wear. Each type of make-up depends on the kind of occasion or event. While some ladies prefer light make-up, others are more adventurous as they opt for dark make-up.

If you are going to wear dark make-up, then you must be ready to be the centre of attraction because all eyes will be on you especially when you are the only one wearing it.

Dark Make-Up

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This means that wearing dark make-up comes with a lot of confidence and boldness because most often than not, you rarely see people wear it except if it is Halloween or a special event that requires ladies to wear it.

How do you do dark make-up? What are the things you need to do and avoid while doing a dark-up? We shall be sharing the answers in the subsequent paragraphs of this short piece.

How to do a Dark Make-Up

When it comes to doing Dark Make-Up, there are two different ways to achieve it. If you are the patient type, then you can do the elaborate type to get your desired result. If you are not that patient, then the quick procedure what you need to use.

Elaborate Dark Make-Up Method

The Elaborate method has to do with mixing and using a lot of different eye shadows to create the final look. You need to create a border for your look in this method, then with the use of black eyeshadow, outline your crease line and outer corner.

Dark Make-Up

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The next step is to use a lighter shade to fill in the blank space within the black outline, stopping three-fourth way in.

Then take an even lighter shade and fill in the remaining space left blending into the inner corner and tear duct area. End the process by combining the colours for a seamless transition and complete the look with the use of mascara and eyeliner.

Fast Dark-Up Method

If you think the elaborate method is too complicated for you to do, you can do the quick method which is very straightforward. All you need is a black eye shadow and eye pencil. The first thing to do is to apply the black eye shadow along your crease and to three-fourth of your eyelid to create a light smear.

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The last and final step is to use the eye pencil to draw a deep line on your top and lower lash line then dab it with your fingers to clear-off any harsh lines and to form a smudgy dark eye look.

Whether you chose the fast or elaborate method, your eye shape matters when it comes to wearing dark make-up. This because your eye shape goes a long way in determining how good or bad the dark make-up will look on you. So you need to determine your eye shape to adjust your technique.

Also, you need to clean your entire face with a good moisturizer. You also need to avoid the use of cream or any heavy product around your eye area. The use of the heavy product in your eye region will make your eyeshadow wrinkle. This is because of the oils in your skincare products.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dark Make-Up

When it comes to the art of Dark Make-Up, they are things to do as well as those you need to avoid.


1. It’s a no brainer, you need to use very good products to achieve a brilliant result

2. You need to blend well. Blending helps to get rid of harsh lines. It is a critical step that can either make or mar your look.

3. In case you make a mistake in the process, make-up wipes will help to clean the mistake and start again.

4. Use a Primer. It acts as a strong base for your make-up.


1. Do not use dark make-up with a shiny or bright lip. That’s some weird combination.

2. Don’t use a colour that doesn’t suit your skin such as green or grey. Both colours can be tricky to use.


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