Who is 17 years old Makena lei Gordon Carnahan? Biography, Career, Education, and Net Worth. 

Who is 17 years old Makena lei Gordon Carnahan? Biography, Career, Education, and Net Worth.  2

Who is Makena lei Gordon Carnahan? Biography, Career, Education, and Net Worth. 

The dream of every parent is to see their children or child follow their successful paths and do more than they have already done. Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan is already making her parents at a very tender age. 

Even though Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan comes from a very wealthy and famous family, her growth can be ascribed to hard work and dedication. She is not reliant on her parent’s wealth as she is already making thousands of dollars through her craft. 

Who is 17 years old Makena lei Gordon Carnahan? Biography, Career, Education, and Net Worth.  3

One can argue that her relative success is because her parents are veterans of the industry where she is currently thriving. However, it is undeniable that she seems to be carving a niche for herself outside of the mental bloc of being the daughter of a celebrity couple. 

Like many other celebrities who try twice as hard to keep their private lives off the media,Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan’s parents, especially her mother, takes credit for playing a role in helping her manage her career and private life. 

While sharing her experience on being a mother, she said; 

“I fell in love, I had a daughter. It was hard to find a part that was as interesting as watching her grow up. Why go off and pretend to be someone’s mother, or pretend to be someone’s wife, when I finally had the chance to have that experience in my real life?” 

Background and Education 

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan is an American child actress and the daughter of star actress, Helen Hunt, the Emmy and Globe Awards winner, and Matthew Carnahan, a movie director, producer, and writer. Nevertheless, the duo never got married but without a doubt, they had a successful relationship before they split in 2017 after sixteen years. Matthew Carnahan is known for his works in “House of Lies”, “Valley of the Booms” among others.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan

She was born on May 13th, 2004, in Los Angeles, California which means she is 17 years old. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and about 58kg. Makena has an older stepbrother, Ermmet Carnahan who was born during Matthew Carnahan’s previous relationship. He is six years older than her. 

Ermmet Carnahan is an actor and he has appeared in movies like “Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel, and The Miracle Season as well as his father’s show, House of Lies.” 

The 17-year-old is still in school even though she has made a name for herself already in the American movie industry. She attended a local high school and reports suggest that she also attended the prestigious Playhouse School of the Theatre. 

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan is currently studying at New York University. 


Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan has two movie credits to her name. The 17-year-old featured in The Miracle Season in 2018 and Ride four years earlier. 

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan


In “The Miracle Season” Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan played the role of Ruby as her high school, faced with a major setback – the death of their star player, tries to win the state championship. While she played the role of a girl on a plane in “Ride.” The movie centers around a woman – her mum (Helen) who travels to California to see his son who just dropped out of school to become a surfer. 

Net Worth

She is worth $350,000 

Social Media

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan is not on any social media platform but she appears in some of the pictures uploaded on her mother’s Instagram page. 


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