Who Is Gaten Matarazzo’s Father Gaten Matarazzo Sr? See we know about the father of the popular actor

Gaten Matarazzo Sr

Gaten Matarrazo Sr is the father of the famous American actor Gaten Matarzzo III. Although he is not as popular as his son, people online are nonetheless interested in knowing a thing or two about him and his family. In this post, we will share what we know about him beyond just being the father of Gaten Matarazzo III.

Gaten Matarrazo Sr Background

Gaten Matarrazo is an American of Italian descent. His place or date of birth is unknown at the moment. He is likely to have been born in Italy before migrating to the United States. There is no record of his background available online as of the time of writing this post. Gaten Matarazzo Sr became famous because of the career of his son Gaten Matarazzo III who is a Hollywood actor.

How old is Gaten Matarazzo Sr?

The exact age of Gaten Matararazzo Sr age is unknown. Nevertheless, given his physical appearance obtained from pictures online, he should be in his 50s or 60s. He still looks very agile and healthy as of 2023.


Gaten Matarazzo,s father Gaten Matarazzo Sr has not mentioned or talked about his career or his occupation. But then, he appears to be a hardworking father who alongside his wife raised three children who are currently doing well in their respective endeavors. He must have worked for an organization or managed a business.

Gaten Matarazzo Sr wife?

 Heather Matarazzo is the wife of Gaten Matarazzo and they got married several years back. Together, they have three loving, caring, and supportive children; one daughter and two sons. They are Sabrina Matarazzo, Gaten Matarazzo, and Carmen Matarazzo. Heather Matarazzo is an American.

Gaten Matarazzo Sr

Net Worth

Gaten Matarazzo’s net worth is unknown because he has not revealed his source of income during his active years. However, the net worth of his son Gaten Matarazzo III is estimated to be in the region of $7m as of 2023. He recently signed a deal with Netflix.

Gaten Matarazzo Prank

Gaten hosted a prank show on Netflix, where individuals were fooled into performing amusing tasks under the guise of a job opportunity. While the show was entertaining, it received significant criticism for manipulating people’s feelings, potentially leading to psychological harm. In response to the backlash, Gaten clarified that the participants were never guaranteed employment and were only offered a one-day trial. He also noted that all the individuals pranked responded positively and had a good time. Additionally, Gaten emphasized that the show compensated all job seekers for their time and that those who had been pranked eventually enjoyed watching the show.

Are Gaten of Stranger Things and Heather Matarazzo of Princess Dairies Relatives?

Heather Matarazzo is a multifaceted individual, working as an actress, writer, producer, and director. Born on November 10, 1982, in Oyster Bay, New York, United States, she is currently 39 years old. Her parents are Ray Matarazzo and Camille Matarazzo, and she is married to Heather Turman. Despite rumors circulating on social media, Heather and Gaten are not related. While their names are similar, Heather clarified via her Twitter account that Gaten is neither her son nor her relative. She knows him as a talented actor and a fellow human being. The rumor began due to Gaten’s mother sharing the same name, but she is not a known actress.

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