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Who is Leta Ramirez CeeDee Lamb mother? Here is all you need to know

Leta Ramirez CeeDee Lamb mother

Leta Ramirez is most known as the mother of CeeDee Lamb, a Dallas Cowboys football player who was selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He attended Oklahoma and was chosen sixth overall by the Cowboys in the 2020 NFL Draft. Meet Leta Ramirez, CeeDee Lamb’s mother.

Who is Leta Ramirez CeeDee Lamb mother? Here is all you need to know 1

Leta Ramirez Parents

Leta Ramirez is a wonderful mother. She is always available for her children, no matter what they require. She also serves as an excellent role model for them. Her children look up to her and consider themselves fortunate to have her as their mother. Leta is constantly eager to assist others, even if she does not know them well.

She is a very lovely and compassionate person. Leta Ramirez is someone you can always rely on, no matter what the circumstances are. Her children are extremely fortunate to have her as their mother. Leta is an excellent role model for them, and they admire her.


CeeDee Lamb Net Worth

CeeDee Lamb’s net worth is projected to be over $21 million as of 2021.

Lamb’s main source of income is as a professional footballer.

According to spotrac.com, CeeDee Lamb agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys on a four-year contract worth $14, 010, 012, including a $7,749,100 signing bonus.


His base pay will be $1,246,819, with a dead cap of $11,462,737.

Dee Dee Lamb parents

CeeDee Lamb was born on April 8, 1999, in Opelousas, Louisiana, to Cliff Lamb and Leta Ramirez.

Lamb, a well-known American football player, lived in New Orleans until 2005, when he and his family were forced to escape the city due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.


His parents are both Americans with dual citizenship. Furthermore, Lamb’s family is Christian.

CeeDee finished his education at John and Randolph Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, with the help of his parents.

CeeDee Lamb also has a brother named Tarbibean Ramirez.


CeeDee Lamb Girlfriend

Crymson Rose is CeeDee Lamb’s rumored girlfriend as of 2021, however none of them has acknowledged it. Rumor has it that these two began dating in 2019. CeeDee and Crymson’s romance has lasted over a year. They’ve kept their relationship a secret, despite the fact that they’re both well-known for previous dating scandals.

Regarding their relationship status, it has been reported that they have been dating since 2021 and are still together. However, the couple has never talked openly about their relationship. They don’t even like one other’s pictures on social media. As a result, their admirers are cautious about CeeDee and his girlfriend’s relationship.

Who is Leta Ramirez CeeDee Lamb mother? Here is all you need to know 2

CeeDee’s friendship with Crymson Rose dates back to their university days. Crymson Rose rose to prominence in 2020 after spectators witnessed her stealing Ceedee’s phone and demanding that he return it to her during a real NFL game.


Following the video’s virality, many social media users suspected Rose was attempting to snoop through her boyfriend’s phone in the hopes of discovering incriminating material. After being selected 17th overall by ESPN cameras, Lamb sat with his family and girlfriend Crymson Rose. Lamb was on the phone and had another phone on his lap. Lamb’s girlfriend took the phone from his lap as he was speaking, only for Lamb to quickly reclaim it and shake his head.

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