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Who is Sage Florence Galafassi Toni Collette’s daughter? See 2022 update!

Who Are Sage Florence Galafassi & Arlo Robert Galafassi? Toni Collette children

Toni Collette’s two children are Sage Florence Galafassi and her brother Arlo Robert Galafassi. Toni’s eldest child is Sage, and her youngest child is Arlo.

Toni’s children have become well-known as celebrity children, but their ages are not ideal for beginning a professional career. However, they have attended some of the events with their parents.

Who is Sage Florence Galafassi Toni Collette's daughter? See 2022 update! 1

Sage and Arlo will almost certainly follow in their parents’ footsteps.


Sage Florence Galafassi, who was born on January 9, 2008, is 14 years old, and Arlo Robert Galafassi, who was born on April 22, 2011, is ten years old.

Sage and Arlo are clearly in high school based on their ages. Aside from that, no information is available about their specifics.

Toni prefers to keep their children’s personal information private. Similarly, their parents have kept their activities and information private and hidden from the media.


Toni provides an ideal opportunity to her family as a caring mother, depending on her profession.

Are Toni Collette’s Kids On Instagram?

Toni’s children, Sage Florence Galafassi and Arlo Robert Galafassi, are not on Instagram. They are still minors under the care of their parents. As a result, using social media is inappropriate.

Who is Sage Florence Galafassi Toni Collette's daughter? See 2022 update! 2

Toni, their mother, is also not on Instagram. Her fan page, however, is accessible via the username @bestofcollette. There are 4.7k followers and 74 posts on the page.


Sage Florence Galafassi father

Sage Florence and Robert Galafassi’s father is Dave Galafassi.

Their father, Dave, is a musician. Dave and Toni tied the knot in a traditional Buddhist ritual on January 11, 2003. Since then, they’ve both had incredible love lives.

The couple lived in Sydney in the early 2000s before moving to Los Angeles. The family moved to Sydney in 2019 and is now living a happy life together.


Sage Florence Galafassi net worth

Sage Florence Galafassi is not working at the moment. She is still very young. But her mother has a net worth.

Toni Collette net worth

Toni Collette is an Australian actress and singer with an estimated net worth of $18 million. Collette’s acting abilities have been widely praised, and she has established a strong reputation with numerous independent film roles. She is also known for playing supporting roles in mainstream films, and she has received numerous awards and honors for her work.

Who is Sage Florence Galafassi Toni Collette's daughter? See 2022 update! 3

Collette is a well-known stage actress in addition to her work in film and television. Toni Collette has received Tony and Academy Award nominations for her work as an actress. She has also received an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award, among other honors. Toni is also a talented singer who has released a number of songs with her husband Dave Galafassi.


Toni Collette was born in Sydney, Australia on November 1, 1972. Collette was raised in the Glebe and Blacktown suburbs in a low-income family. Toni grew up enjoying netball, tap dancing, and swimming. She also developed an early love of singing and performed in school musicals.

Toni’s future acting career was obvious even at the age of sixteen. She moved on to the Australian Theatre for Young People, where she concentrated solely on drama. She had been accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art by 1991, but she dropped out after her first year to perform in her major theatre role.


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