Who is Speakers Knockerz and how did he die? 


Who is Speaker Knockerz and how did he die? 

The tragedy of losing a child at a very young and tender age can be unbearable especially when he or she is on the verge of being successful. One can only imagine the pain the parents of Speaker Knockerz went through after his untimely death. 

Speaker Knockerz was touted to be one of the young American rappers to look out for a few years ago. He had already released four albums and his career was heading in the right direction. 

Speakers Knockerz


Unfortunately, death laid his cold hands on him and took him away in 2014 before he could reach his full potential. Although he wasn’t signed into any major music record label, his rap skills attracted a lot of people and he already had a huge fan base on social media before the unfortunate incident happened. 

This post takes a look at the background of Speaker Knockerz as well as the situation surrounding his death – a subject that still divides opinions on social media to date. 

Background and Education of Speakers Knockerz

Derek McAllister who is better known by his stage name “Speaker Knockerz” was born to Derek McAllister Senior and Mesha Wilson on the 4th of November, 1994 in New York City, United States. He grew up with his brother Christian Allister who is also a rapper with the stage name  “Lil Knock.” 


Frightened by the negative effects of their father’s absence on her kids, Speaker Knockerz’s mum took him and his brother away from New York to South Carolina where they stayed till Derek McAllister Snr served his 10-year jail term. 

Speaker  Knockerz had his education at Kelly Mill Middle School, Ridgeview High School as well as Westwood High School. 


He started making beats from his computer at home at the age of 16 and within a year, he had already made 250 of them some of which he sold to A-list rappers like Gucci Mane, Meek Mill. 


His father’s release from prison in 2010 became an added advantage to Speakers Knockerz as he helped him improve on his rap skills. 

In a 2013 interview, he revealed why chose to rap; 

“The whole purpose of me rapping is that I knew I could make a good song.”


” I knew how to promote myself, so that would bring more people to buy beats from men” 

His first music video Lonely” received a huge acceptance by fans and as of today, it had more than 161,000 views on Youtube alone. Also, a good number of his songs are also available on YouTube as fans continue to keep his body of works alive. His songs are also available on iTunes. Before, he died, Speakers Knockerz collaborated with top artists like 2 Chains, French Montana, Meek Mill among others. 

He went on to create his record label, Talibandz Entertainment and he released four albums under it: 


  • Flight Delayed (2010) 
  • Fitness Father (2013) 
  • Married to the Money (2013) 
  • Married to the Money II (2014) 

How did Speakers Knockerz Die?

He was found dead in the garage of his house located at Two Notch Road in Columbia, South Carolina. There was no sign of violence or attack whatsoever on him when he was found dead. Coroner Gary Watts of the Richland County Coroner’s Office also put it on record that was no sign of trauma. 

Speaker Knockerz official cause of death was a heart attack. 

Rumors suggest that the heart attack can be traced to “Lean” also known as “Purple Drank, ” an addictive mix of codeine and soda that is known to hamper heart rate and breathing. 

When did Speakers Knockerz die? 


He died on the 4th of March 2014. He was only 19 years old. 

Billboard reported that his mother, Mesha wrote on her Facebook page that it was unusual for her son not to come home or call for a long period after she didn’t hear from him. 

“It’s not like him not to communicate or come home for this long period, I pray that my son is ok.” She announced his death afterward. 

Was Speakers Knockerz Married? 

There are no records as regards whether Speakers Knockerz was married or whether he had kids or whether he was in a romantic relationship or not. 


Net Worth 

Speakers Knockerz net worth was estimated to be in the region of $250,000 – $400,000. 

Speakers Knockerz Legacy 

After his death, his album Married to the Money II was released posthumously and it received great reviews from critics and fans. 


“Speaker Knockerz sounds like an entity of his own, no matter how heavily inspired he was by everything popular to a teenager, in the early 2010s, stuck in their bedroom on the internet.”  …. Alphonse Pierre.

Finally! I’ve loved the album but it didn’t come to an actual disc for a while. I love the album. It has amazing beats at amazing songs. RIP SK!!!!!!!!! 1994-Forever…Anonymous 

Love it Rip speaker knockerz… Anonymous 



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