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Who is TikTok user Brookmacklin213?Controversial viral videos explained

Who is TikTok user Brookmacklin213?Controversial viral videos explained 2
Who is TikTok user Brookmacklin213?Controversial viral videos explained 3
Madi Brooks

Brookmacklin213 has a controversial viral video which has left many questions hanging. I am going to try to explain it in the simplest way.

Brookmacklin213 has a weird practice going on in her life that will leave anyone in shock.

People share a range of things with their family members, including love, laughter, and tangible items like books. Would you, on the other hand, be willing to share your husband? 


Brookmacklin213 is doing exactly that with her mother and younger sister. Bizarre, isn’t it?

Brookmacklin213 real name is Madi Brooks, and she describes herself as a swinger. She exposed alarming details about her personal life and marriage to her TikTok audience under the nickname brookmacklin213.

TikTok videos of Madi Brooks gone viral

In one of her viral videos, she admitted to allowing her husband to sleep with her mother and sister. “This is my mother,” Brooks said in the video. “Yeah, I let my husband give her a couple of times a week, yeah, I’m that kind of wife.”


The video’s caption read, “My life doesn’t judge #swingerlifestyle.”

This is due to the fact that Madi, her mother, and her husband are all swingers, meaning they are in open relationships and socialize with other couples at swinging parties and gatherings. The video has been seen over seven million times as of this writing.

TikTok users have submitted over 7,500 comments in the comment box. “You’re that sort of wife, so he gets to sleep with anybody he wants,” one user remarked. “I think you’re a doormat of a wife,” says the narrator.


“What happens if you get pregnant…?” Another TikTok user said, “You’ll have a brother, sister, nephew or niece, but also a stepchild.” However, that isn’t all. Brooks said in another video that she lets her husband “play” with her sister on occasion.

“Would you like to hear how I keep my husband happy?” she inquired. “I gave him permission to play with my younger sister.”

This appears to be her second account, given the subject has been covered previously. The Sun discovered a few months ago that she had a TikTok account under the username milliesellers411.


What does the term “swinging” mean?

Despite their wrath and uncertainty, some users are clear that the family and their peculiar arrangement are not labeled as swinging. A comment was posted by a user. “I don’t believe this is what being a swinger entails.” This is more poly…stuff, with multiple partners.”

They have no intention of sleeping with other people they meet at the club, however. Instead, they attend these events with a couple with whom they want to have sex.

While many people confuse it with polyamory, Daniel Saynt, the founder and main conspirator of NSFW, feels that swingers are looking for limited or no-strings-attached sexual interaction rather than many emotional partnerships.


This way of life, according to Saynt, is more widespread than you may think.

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