Why #EndSARS protest should have had a leader! – Oluwo of Iwoland!

Why #EndSARS protest should have had a leader! - Oluwo of Iwoland! 2

The King of Iwo town in Osun State, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi believes that the EndSARS protest should have had a leader.

The Monarch reckons that a protest of that magnitude without any form of leadership to dialogue with the government won’t yield positive results.

He also added that the only way the youths can get the government to yield to all their demands is by presenting a leader or leaders to negotiate with the government.

However, the Monarch said the youths of the state should make him the leader of such protest like EndSARS in the future.

He said this during an interactive session organised by the state government.

He said;

Next time, if you want to organise a protest and you don’t have anyone to lead you, you may be afraid that they may kill you or you are afraid of being arrested, come to me, I will lead the protest.

“There is no way you can organise protest without leadership. You must give room for dialogue because it is the leadership that will eventually sit down and discuss with the government. That is the only way you can fight and get your demands to the government.”

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