Why Haruna Abdullahi’s book, Buhari In Us, is a must-read for you; set for October 28 launch date

Why Haruna Abdullahi’s book, Buhari In Us, is a must-read for you; gets October 28 launch date

Come October 28, 2020 in Abuja, the seminal book Buhari In Us will be presented to the general public by author and Public Relations guru, Haruna Abdullahi.

A collection of his writings packaged into 122 pages, Buhari In Us is arguably the most definitive body of works available about Buhari, his philosophy and presidency.

The book touches on every major (and minor) incidents involving the Buhari Presidency. From the Certificate saga (Buhari’s Certificate of Integrity); the triumphant return after a 100-day medical vacation (The Day He Touched Down); tenous and oft-politicised relationship with his South West support base (Buhari and the Yorubas); deft handling of the June 12 debacle (In Buhari, Abiola lives again); debunking the assertion that Buhari hates the Igbo (Why Buhari Is More Igbo Than Some Of Us); to correcting the perception that Buhari fails to approach governance issues with urgency (Slow And Getting It Right).

In article after article, Haruna Abdullahi used unimpeachable facts backed by verifiable data to buttress his claims.

You may not (wholly) agree with the author bcos of his barely concealed admiration for Buhari – which gave birth to the articles and, subsequently, this book – but what you cannot disprove is the veracity of his claims.

Buhari In Us slants from hard politics to the poetic with the chapters titled The Template Of The King and We Stand By You and then swings to a hint of the humorous in Mr President, You’re Worth More Than N30m Walahi, an oblique reference to Buhari’s officially declared assets which the author juxtaposed with a picture of the President’s six beautiful daughters.

With these prized assets, the author seemed to infer, Buhari will reap hundreds of millions in bride prices for them even as he marvelled that Buhari could declare such a ‘paltry’ amount after holding several exalted positions in the country. This, he reasoned, is a testament to his integrity.

In PMB: The Divine Mandate, Abdullahi goes philosophical by asserting that “dissenting voices will pervade the air, acrimonious feelings will envelop logic and bickering will be the other of the day but the design of the master strategist will come to fruition for the workings of the Lord are forever perfect.”

With a Foreward written by His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria who opines that the author provided interesting and informative insights into the Buhari phenomenon, the book deserves to be the ‘bible’ of the Buhari presidency and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a no-holds-barred tone, Haruna Abdullahi is unapologetic about his admiration for and loyalty to the person and ideals of President Buhari.

To those who are opposed to his political persuasion, he said: “… do not begrudge me of my choice. This is my decision. Be like me. Identify that individual that gives you confidence and eulogize, even praise them to high heavens. I’m Haruspice and Muhammadu Buhari is my obsession.”

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