Why Shorelander Boat Trailers are different from the rest! See Types, Specifications, and Advantages!

Why Shorelander Boat Trailers are different from the rest! See Types, Specifications, and Advantages! 2

There are a lot of boat trailers manufacturers around but none can be compared to or even stand toe to toe with Shorelander Boat Trailers.

Shorelander Boat Trailers are the first to have brakes standard on all trailers with a total vehicle weight rating (GVWR) at 3000 lb. and above.

There is no room for competition when it comes to Shorelander Boat Trailers because they are ahead of their contemporaries by miles.

Why Shorelander Boat Trailers are different from the rest! See Types, Specifications, and Advantages! 3

With any of the Shorelander Boat Trailers, you do not have to worry about how long it will last, instead, you should be bothered about how soon you will get yours because these trailers are built to serve your boat year in year out.

Buying any of the Shorelander Trailers is like buying premium life insurance for your boat.

Shorelander Boat Trailers Options

Irrespective of whether you have a 12’ fishing boat or a whopping 35′ cruiser weighing up to 15,000 pounds, from simple to luxury custom, Shorelander Boat Trailers have got you covered!

That’s precisely why Shorelander Boat Trailers have an innovative support system, designed to take the hassle out of launching and loading.


ShoreLander Boat Trailers are designed to offer the best performance at the ramp. Their easy Roll-on, Roll-off Design offers easy drive-on, drive-off launching, and loading.

The specially designed rollers work with the patented EquiLoad system which provides more levels of freedom and the ultimate in boat hull support. While loading, they automatically self-adjust for easy centering, even in strong tides and rough storms.

A lot of people prefer this style for use at shallow ramps, so they will not need to go back into the water as far.


The IB trailer is designed specifically for inboard boats. The distinctive pivoting bunks adjust automatically for easier loading and excellent support.

The prop guard gives room for added protection for the inboard’s prop shaft during launching and loading. It comes with standard post-load guides and custom-style fenders.


Bunk trailers are quite cheap and they are designed for float-on and float-off launching and loading. Generally, Bunk Trailer is preferred by people who do not worry about backing their trailer farther into the water or are loading the boat by themselves. ShoreLander’s patented EquiLoad system uses self-adjusting bunks that swerve to evenly distribute the weight.


  • Load Guides: This makes it easier to place the boat on the trailer during loading. The guides are very helpful if you do a lot of launching or loading in stormy conditions or river tides.
  • Tongue Jack: This portable swivel jack connects to the tongue, which makes the trailer easier to hitch and move around.
  • Retractable Tie-Down: Make sure that your boat is safe and protected while you’re dragging it down the road. Retractable tie downs promptly and easily protect your boat to the trailer.
  • Transom Savers: It gives your outboard motor more support it requires. It takes some of the weight and pressure off the transom of the boat.
  • Spare Tire & Spare Tire Bracket: You should not allow a worn-out nail or piece of glass to spoil your family holiday. Make sure you travel with a dependable spare that meets the same specs as your original tire. Create space in your tow vehicle by carrying your spare on the trailer frame with a spare tire rack.

Advantages of having Shorelander Boat Trailers

  • Higher resale value

ShoreLander has manufactured a unique, 3-step powder-coating process that forms a deep luster, automotive-style finish. This Superior Quality Finish ensures that your boat is protected against fading and chipping so your trailer lasts better, longer, and maintains its value.

  • Advanced protection for your boat

One of the most significant duties of a trailer is to ensure that your boat remains protected even when it’s not in its best condition. Shorelander does it with welded Uni-frame construction which gives maximum strength and less flex to ensure longevity. Fastened, Custom Molded Fenders preserve your boat from road debris. Protective Pads on all cross-members safeguard the boat keel if contact is made while loading.

  • Trouble-free LED Lighting System

LED Lights with three distinct Fully Grounded, Plug-In Wire Harness enclosed inside the frame & tongue tubes.

Shorelander Boat Trailers LED lights have the highest quality circuit boards sealed in epoxy and sonic fastened lens to withstand a marine environment. All these innovations add up to a safe, trouble-free system that you can always trust.

  • Easy Maintenance

Grease-Pack Hubs and Bearing Protectors generate good pressure to keep water and pollutants out. This increases bearing life and helps it from breakdowns, without the hassle of oil-bath systems.

  • Superior Finish

Whether you opt for Shorelander’s beautiful powder-coat finish or rugged galvanized, you’ll enjoy the extra care that is put into making sure your trailer looks nice for the long journey.

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