Why the US assessment of the Lekki Massacre is false

Why the US assessment of the Lekki Massacre is false

Trending on the Nigerian Twitter space, is Lekki lies which is after the United States of America (USA), led government gave a detailed report on their view about what happened.

According to the US report, the Lekki Massacre did not happen and those who witnessed it were not correct.

The report by the US states that they can only confirm the death of two people from the protests after their research.

This report has caused some uproar among Nigerians with many believing that they were right all along while others believe the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration is being back by the US against Human right crimes.

Whatever side you stand, one cannot deny that the Lekki Massacre was a pivotal point in events that will shape the 2023 general elections.

The US government has stated their allegiances on the issue but that does not mean that they are right regardless of the resources at their disposal.

We have seen time and time again several countries that have their ruling administration violate Human rights and not been brought to law

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