Why womanizing and taking alcohol does not make a pastor fake” – Ghanaian Pastor


Nigel Gaisie, a controversial  Ghanaian Pastor  has highlighted the reason why any pastor who dates many women and drinks alcohol is not fake.

According to the Ghanaian Pastor every man on earth has a weakness, and that a man womanizer and takes alcohol doesn’t mean he is not called of God, instead, it is a sign of weakness.

He stated that that the only reason that a Pastor could be called fake is if he stops preaching the word of God or he denounces Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

He went on to make an example with David on the Bible. He said even though he was described as a man after God’s heart, he still had some weaknesses in him.


“When a man of God drinks alcohol, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God steals, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God womanizes or a woman of God has another boyfriend or doesn’t make him/her fake.”

“Every mortal vessel has a weakness, what makes a man of God fake is when he changes his covenant. If that man of God does not preach Jesus anymore, that is what makes him fake.”

“If you say that alcohol is wrong, then condemn David, because David was a chronic drunkard and womanizer,” he was quoted as saying”



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