Women are a distraction until you achieve your goals – Man who has dated over 100 women says!

A man identified as Paul Etwaroo who has dated over a 100 women has made a quite shocking revelation as regards dating and relationship which might go down well with the female folks.

Paul Etwaroo said that women are a distraction until one achieves his goals or becomes fulfilled in life.

He said he has dated 100 women between the ages of 18 and 26 over the last 25 years but if he had known, he would have used that period to add more value to himself.

Paul Etwaroo, a Lawyer and Marketer also added that he would have been richer than he is now if he had not used a quarter of a century of his life in dating them.

He shared his thoughts on his Twitter page and expectedly, it generated a lot of reactions as most people disagreed with him.

See reactions below👇

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