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Writesonic AI Writing Tool: Features and Benefits (Comparison between Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jarvis)

Writesonic AI Writing Tool: Features and Benefits (Comparison between Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jarvis) 2

A few years ago, one would have argued confidently that there is no way software could write blog posts, articles, and other forms of content like professionals. 

Well, nowadays there are a lot of artificial intelligence tools that write effortlessly without very few errors, and Writesonic ranks high among these numerous tools that have made writing much easier for copywriters, bloggers among others. 

With Writesonic, you don’t have to worry about how to craft or put your words together. In three easy steps, you can have any form of digital content – ad copy, email, product descriptions, blog post among others in a short time. 

What is Writesonic? 

It makes it incredibly simple and quick to create high-performing landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and blog posts in seconds.

Writesonic has over 1600 reviews and a 4.8 star average on Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, which is by far the highest in the category, and our user acquisition has been entirely organic – mostly through word of mouth and SEO. Say goodbye to long walls of text, no matter how long your article or copy needs to be.

Writesonic makes it incredibly easy and quick to create high-converting landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and blog posts in seconds.

Writesonic has over 1600 reviews and a 4.8 star average on Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, which is far and away from the highest in the category, and our user acquisition has been entirely organic – mostly through word of mouth and SEO.

If you don’t like the first copy, keep pressing the regenerate button until you find something you like.

Writesonic Features 

This powerful AI tool comes with more than a handful of characteristics. Below are some of the most fascinating characteristics of the Writesonic AI tool; 

Let’s take a look at the models Writesonic uses to generate content to get a better understanding of how it works and the different types of articles it generates.

Aside from its own artificial intelligence, Writesonic includes GPT-3, which stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer’s third generation.

For those unfamiliar with AI, this is a machine learning model that has been trained to generate text using internet data.

GPT-3 includes over a hundred billion machine learning parameters. It outperforms Microsoft’s NLG model, which has only 10 billion machine learning parameters.

This model’s text reads naturally, and it can practically generate any type of content, from articles to news stories. This model is one of the reasons Writesonic can consistently produce high-quality articles for its clients.

Now that you understand the AI and machine learning model at the heart of Writesonic, let’s take a look at the various types of content it can create for you.


These aren’t specific types of content, but rather a formula that AIs use to generate content. Writesonic employs two formulas, one of which is PAS, which stands for Pain-Agitate-Solution.

In an article, this formula employs the following steps: Identifies a problem, agitates the problem, and then offers a solution.

Most articles are written to solve problems, which is why this approach works so well when combined with an AI like Writesonic.

The AIDA formula, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action, is also used. These are the cognitive stages that a person goes through before purchasing a product or service.

Blog Copy 

This is the most common type of content produced by Writesonic. Blog posts without a doubt are the most important section of any website. 

They are the reasons why you receive new visitors daily.

And, to keep your blog attracting readers and an audience, you must be consistent with writing and publishing blog posts.

Writing a new blog post every day on your own can be difficult, which is where Writesonic comes in.

It will generate blog ideas for you as well as intros, outlines, and entire blog posts if desired. Writesonic can provide you with a complete blog post without the assistance of a human.

Digital Ads Copy 

If you know how beneficial social media advertising is, you understand the importance of creating digital ad copy. Writesonic can currently be used to generate interesting digital ad copy that will attract more leads to your website.

At the moment, you can only create Google and Facebook ad copy. Writesonic, on the other hand, has promised their clients that they will soon release a tool for creating eye-catching Instagram and Twitter ad copy.

Product Description

Product descriptions, features, titles, and even advertisements must all be created by eCommerce store owners. This type of content can also be generated by Writesonic in a matter of seconds.

So, if you sell products online and on sites like Amazon, instead of devoting all of your time to creating product descriptions, you can always use this writing tool and focus your efforts on marketing your products. 

It has been trained to use both AIDA and PAS in articles to prompt readers to take a specific action once they have finished reading the article.

Writesonic is capable of creating a wide range of content.

This AI tool can generate growth ideas, personal biographies, press releases, YouTube video copy, and pretty much anything else.

Because of the variety of articles that this tool can generate, it is also ideal for freelance writers. 

Website Copy 

Creating website content can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you are just getting started.

If you use Writesonic, this does not have to be the case. Writesonic can create attention-grabbing content for your website, whether it’s headers or landing pages.

You can use this article generator to create content for all of your website’s pages without having to hire a copywriter or sit behind a computer and create content yourself.

How to use Writesonic

Writing articles with Writesonic is simple and quick. Most people believe that giving commands to an AI is a time-consuming process.

However, this is not the case. Writesonic is intended to make the process of creating content as simple and quick as possible.

Here’s a rundown of what happens during the content creation process with Writesonic.

Follow these three easy steps on how to use Writesonic; 

  • Choose

The first and most important step is to determine what kind of content you want to create. We’ve already discussed some of the different types of copies that this AI can generate.

So all you have to do now is choose the type of content you want to create. A digital ad, a landing page, or even a blog could be used.

  • Describe

The next step is to describe what you want to see in the content.

This step is also critical because Writesonic AI will provide you with general content if you do not provide it.

You should give the AI the context you expect it to produce in an article in the description. Writesonic will use that description to generate content that matches the criteria.

  • Generate

You are now ready to generate content after selecting the type of article and inserting a description. Writesonic will create several copy variants based on your instructions.

When you click the generate button, the content is created and made available to you in a matter of seconds.

  • Launch

The generated article will be visible on the Writesonic dashboard. All that remains is for you to edit the article to your liking. Then you can save or publish it by copying it.

That’s how simple it is to generate content with Writesonic.

Writesonic: Frequently Asked Questions (Writesonic FAQ)

There are a lot of questions asked about Writesonic AI. Below are answers to the most frequently asked; 

  • Is Writesonic Free? 

Unlike other article generators, Writesonic offers a free trial to its customers. The free trial to its customers. The free package includes 10 credits that can be used to create various types of content. Writesonic provides a free trial to allow digital marketers, bloggers, and advertising agencies to see what this powerful AI can do for them.

  • Is there a lifetime offer for Writesonic? 

The Writesonic lifetime deal was currently unavailable at the time of writing this review. However, third-party sites such as app sumo frequently offer lifetime deals on Writesonic.

You can get unlimited access to Writesonic for life for a fee that starts around $59 for life. 

Every month, you will get a set number of premium credits to use. To avoid being duped, we always advise our readers to contact Writesonic customer service and ask if there are any current lifetime deals.

In the long run, a lifetime deal can help you save a lot of money.

  • Who can use Writesonic? 

It can be used by almost anyone that writes! Who doesn’t actually? 

  • Advertisers 

In any advertising agency, the demand for ad copies is never-ending. Because the greater your client base, the more copies you will require.

If you own a small advertising agency, you most likely don’t have the resources to produce as many copies as you’d like.

It can help you with that. This AI can generate powerful and engaging ad copy to help your clients drive more leads to their websites or businesses.

  • Corporate Brands 

E-commerce and content are inextricably linked. Even large eCommerce stores like Amazon rely on affiliate market reviews to make sales.

Whether you own or work for an eCommerce brand, you must have the best writing tools at your disposal.

Running an eCommerce store is already difficult, especially if you do it alone.

When it comes to creating content for your eCommerce store, an article generator like Writesonic can be of great help.

In addition to blog posts to drive traffic to your e-commerce site, Writesonic can assist you in creating product descriptions, social media ads, and even landing pages.

All of this will help your brand’s visibility.

Reading Writesonic reviews will reveal that this AI-powered content generator is used by thousands of online entrepreneurs.

  • Digital Marketers 

The need for ad copies is never-ending in an advertising agency. Because the more clients you have, the more copies you will need.

If you run a small advertising agency, you probably don’t have the resources to create as many copies as you’d like.

Writesonic can assist you with this. This AI is capable of creating powerful and engaging ad copy that will assist your clients in driving more leads to their websites or businesses.

  • Bloggers 

Running a successful blog necessitates regular publishing. It is very easy to lose readers if you do not update your blog regularly

Most bloggers experience writer’s block, in which they are emotionally drained and unable to generate creative content.

Writesonic will make your life as a blogger easier. You can create new content in seconds by utilizing its quality article generation capabilities.

All you have to do is feed the AI a few lines of descriptions and wait for content to be generated. As long as you have Writesonic, your blog will always be updated.

Writesonic Pricing 

Writesonic provides ten free credits to anyone interested in trying out their platform. Unlike other subscription-based AI generation tools, it operates on a credit-based system, with each action requiring a specific number of credits to complete. Read the Writesonic review to learn more about its pricing policy. Following the free plan, there are four paid plans to select from. Here’s a closer look at your alternatives:

  • Basic: For $15 per month, Writesonic provides you with 75 credits, support for up to 25 languages, one user seat, and access to all existing features.
  • Professional: This plan costs $45 per month and includes everything from the previous plans as well as unlimited credits.
  • Startup: This plan is designed for new businesses and costs $95 per month. includes everything from the other programs as well as browser extensions, Shopify app integration, and priority support!
  • Agency: For content agencies looking for AI tools that are specifically designed for them, this is the best deal on the market, with a price tag of only $200! Extra users are included, as well as other perks such as white-labeling capabilities.

Is Writesonic good? 

Yes, Writesonic is very good. It is one of the most used writing apps. Writesonic is a content marketing platform that provides businesses with a suite of AI-enabled writing tools to help them write better marketing copy.

The platform can help with everything from Facebook and Google Ads to landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Writesonic assists businesses in coming up with ideas for topics such as startup or growth hacks, as well as titles for YouTube videos, among others.

Comparison Writesonic v Rytr v Jarvis: Which one is best for you? 

Now let’s do a comparison between Writesonic, Rytr, and Jarvis – another brilliant AI tool for writing. 

  • Price 

Prices are an important consideration when choosing an AI platform that provides excellent results at a reasonable cost. Here is a comparison of all four AI platforms to help you choose the most affordable one for you and your business.

Writesonic has four pricing models: free with 10 credits, starter with $ 25 per month and 50 premium credits, professional with $ 89 per month and unlimited credits, and business with $449 per month plus 1000 credits for advanced features.

Rytr’s free plan includes 5,000 characters per month, while the premium plan begins at $29 per month and includes unlimited characters.

Jarvis offers three plans: the Starter plan, which costs $29 per month and includes 20,000 words per month, the Pro plan, which costs $109 per month and includes unlimited words, and the Boss Mode, which costs $119 per month and includes control over Jarvis commands.

Before purchasing a monthly or annual plan, Copy AI offers a 7-day free trial. The solo plan starts at $35 per month, and you can also request a custom plan based on your needs. 

  • Multilingual Support 

If your company has websites in different parts of the world, multilingual support is essential. It enables you to create content for your various audiences in different parts of the world.

English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, and other languages are supported by Writesonic.

Rytr exports files in a variety of languages. They can also be posts on various social media channels or accounts. It can manage multiple projects to manage your multiple clients all over the world in various languages.

Jarvis Ai supports more than 25 languages, including Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Romanian, Slovak, and Slovenian. Jarvis can also accept Multi Language input and generate output in multiple languages.

  • Content Templates 

Content templates are essential for copywriters and marketers who want to create any type of content. While all of these AI tools have excellent content templates and can generate various types of copy – such as Instagram captions, email copy, Google Ad headlines, and so on – in a matter of seconds.

Writesonic is limited in its ability to pick up the tone for your copy. You can select from nine different content tones for your copy. One of the standout features is the landing page generator, which allows you to create an engaging landing page with just a few key details.

Jarvis Ai has 50+ content templates available for you to use! It employs the PAS framework to achieve the best results. It includes features such as long-form assistant, boss mode, AIDA framework, PAS framework, content improver, and more.

Copy Ai offers over 60 content templates to choose from that are tailored to your needs. Digital ad copy, social media copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, and so on are all included in the templates. Once you’ve chosen a template, fill in a few details, and you’ll have your copy in seconds.

  • Usage 

These user interfaces are simple to use, making them ideal for multitasking users. Writesonic employs bright colors such as white and deep bluish-purple, as well as simple buttons. Even inexperienced users will find the interface simple to use.

When compared to other AI tools, the Rytr web interface is the most user-friendly. Everything is done in a single window, and it is simple enough to do on your phone with a simple email app. Jarvis AI has a dark interface with holographic text and white navigation buttons. The text size is small, making it difficult to find relevant buttons.

Copy AI, like Writesonic, has a bright, white, and green theme. However, it has a slightly cluttered side panel, which may be too much for some users. 

Now that you have seen the unique features of these AI writing tools, which one will you go for? Well the choice is up to you but we recommend Writesonic. It has a massive approval rating of 4.9/5 by experts. 

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