You are a lazy Christian if you still do this… – Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw reveals!

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw believes that Christians should not depend or wait on what their pastors say or what church leader say rather they should read the Bible to know what God said in his word.

She said it’s an act of laziness for Christians to lean on what their pastor says about them instead of the teachings of God in the Bible.

Kate Henshaw shared this via her twitter handle as she berated Christians that still engage in such practice.

She said;

Its pure laziness 2 not know dword of God 4 yourself if you are a Christian.
“My pastor say, my pastor, says…”

“God gave us all gifts & that includes a functioning brain Brain, How do you suspend your thinking for another’s words? The Lord knows those who are HIS.”

Her post expectedly generated a handful of reactions;


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