You will see Buhari's mouthwatering achievements if you "calm down" - Presidential Aide, Femi Adesina tells Nigerians! 1

You will see Buhari’s mouthwatering achievements if you “calm down” – Presidential Aide, Femi Adesina tells Nigerians!


The Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina has told Nigerians to “calm down” and they will see the remarkable achievements of his Principal’s administration.

He said this in a recent publication titled “Why We Need to Calm Down’ which is more or less in reaction to the #RevolutionNow/protest staged recently.


Femi Adesina modelled his article with reference to the ” Calm down” viral video as he appealed to Nigerians to calm down and stop being “edgy”. He also said the viral video is a lesson for all Nigerians

In his words;


But if the truth is told, that message from the boy is for the entire country. We need to calm down. We are too uptight, nervy, edgy.” 

“We grumble, murmur too much, call the government a lot of names, try to demonise those serving the nation, when it could be ‘our last chance; last chance in the world’ to really fix things.” 

RevolutionNow Protest: “It’s just a child’s play and it’s irritating” – Presidential Aide, Femi Adesina (video) 👇

“If you listen to some people; angry youths, religious leaders, political analysts, newspaper columnists, news reviewers, so-called activists, then nothing positive is happening in the country.”


“It is all about insurgency, banditry, killings, joblessness, corruption, lack and deprivation. True? False!”

Femi Adesina also said that the problems Nigeria is facing are not peculiar to the country alone but Universal. Therefore, the citizens have to focus on the positives.

“Those things are there, as they are also in many countries of the world. But they are not the only things happening in Nigeria. Only that we would not see the positive things except we calmed down.” 

“We would never enjoy the rainfall if we expect rainstorm to carry away our rooftop at any moment. Calm down. I’m just telling you to be ‘calming’ down.


“We will see the things that pertain to the peace of our country if we would just calm down. As the young boy said, “this is my last chance; last chance in the world.” – Femi Adesina wrote 


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