You’re a bloody hypocrite! Bukola Saraki under fire for calling on EU to sanction election riggers

You’re a bloody hypocrite! Bukola Saraki under fire for calling on EU to sanction election riggers

Former President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki has come under scathing criticism after calling on the European Union to emulate the United Kingdom which had announced visa restrictions and asset bans for politically exposed persons indicted for electoral offences.

In a post on his verified Facebook page, Saraki wrote thusly:

“I join millions of Nigerians to commend the United Kingdom and other international partners for responding swiftly to protect Nigeria’s democracy with visa restrictions and asset bans for electoral saboteurs.

“I appeal to the European Union to follow suit. This is necessary to send the right and strong signal that those who undermine democracy in Nigeria are enemies of the rest of the democratic world.

“The sanctions should go beyond politicians and include electoral officers, security officials and judicial officers who undermine our democracy by their actions during and after elections.”

However, this call did not go down well with some of his followers who wasted no time in calling out his alleged duplicity for supretending similar electoral malpractice in his time as governor of Kwara state.

Within two hours of publishing, the post had generated almost 700 comments, close to 400 shares and over 3200 reactions but most of them are negative. See samples below:

Doherty Olukayode Oloketuyi wrote:
Talk is cheap! Only the uninitiated will be unaware of your antecedents in Kwara elections in the immediate past. Can you vouch that you’ve always won elections in a free and fair competition? I am sure that the US and the EU are not deceived by your bravado. Everyone in Nigeria knows that your past election victories were all tainted with rigging. As you point a finger at others, the remaining are pointing back at you. If the above nations will ban people for malfeasance during elections, you should be one of the first on the list.

Ahmed Waziri Jalo:
All politicians are guilty of this act, so you’re not an exception sir. We just need to change our orientation

Daniel Udofia:
The United Kingdom will soon ban you also for looted kwara to zero, if not Lai Mohammed and your sister highjacked the state from family affairs mata. So, next line of action will be you.
Don’t turn motivational speaker just over night.

Alhaji Rasak Adebori Ibrahim:
It’s quite laughable that Bukola saraki has exhausted all the knowledge and experience he acquired. If not was it luxury in traveling to another man’s country, when Nigeria got all that’s needed to be a great nation.

Kingsley Okoro:
Saraki you and your family presided over raping of democracy in Kwara for 16 good years, you are here talking about rigging. You have now become a motivational speaker and a democrat simply because you were beaten home and away in 2019 election. Hypocrite!

Felix Chuks:
As if you’re not part of the mess.Go and rest joor. Because you’re no longer in government then you think you’re a saint. Would you have said this if you’re still in APC? Abeg go and enjoy your loots in peace and stop disturbing angry and depressed Nigerians!

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