All you need to know about Bronx Colors including 10 Products you should try out.

All you need to know about Bronx Colors including 10 Products you should try out.

You would be amazed at how people would start to preach the “gospel” of Bronx Colours once you tell them that it is the secret of how good you always look.

To look good is such a good business especially when you have a referral deal with Bronx Colors because the more you spread the “gospel” of the products, the more referrals you get and the more your bank account grows.

Bronx Colors rank high in the revered league of beauty and cosmetic products in the world. It is one of the durable and affordable yet effective products you can ever dream of.

Even the immediate past President of the United States of America, Donald Trump reputedly tasted the goodness of Bronx Colors and he kept asking for more.

The Washington Post, in 2019 reported that Donald Trump appeared to be using an orange make-up produced by a Switzerland-based cosmetic brand. The “exact shade” of Bronx Colors’ orange makeup reportedly used by Trump was identified as “BHC06,” according to Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold.

What are Bronx Colors?

Bronx Color is a wide range of cosmetic products made for not just women alone but also male folks. The products cover a wide range of aspects which include the eyes, lips, face, and nails.

Bronx Colors is an affordable Switzerland makeup brand founded in 2015 by Werner Kaufmann. According to a Refinery 29 story which dates back to December 2016, Kaufmann was described as a “beauty vet with 30 years of skin-care experience under his belt.”

The product range under the Bronx Colors collection comes with a sense of appeal to everyone, especially women.

Below are some of the products listed under the Bronx Colors Collection

1. Bronx Colors Boosting Hydrating Concealer Bhc02 – Beige

Bronx Colors

This Bronx Colors concealer is a hydrating, silky liquid concealer with a flawless and brightening effect. It reduces dark circles, neutralizes red hues, and brightens skin as well. You won’t regret getting one when next you go shopping.

2. Bronx Creamy Gloss – cgl03 salmon

It is a matte creamy gloss with a durable long-lasting effect. It’s smooth on your lips.

3. Metallic Eyeshadow Cream

The Metallic eye shadow leaves your eyes with a metallic effect and it dries to a shiny finish with a waterproof formula. You can use the metallic eye by simply blending the eyeshadow cream using the applicator or fingers directly to your lid or even over another eyeshadow.

4. Contouring 2go

By using this Contouring 2go Palette, you can be sure of getting a gorgeous look due to its creamy texture which provides a perfect finish with utmost highlight and contour effects.

5. Cleansing Foam

The facial cleansing foam is soft and is specifically formulated for normal and sensitive skin. This cleanser helps to remove excess oil and make-up from the face. It also keeps the face adequately matte.

6. Men No Shine

The Men No Shine Printer reduces shiny areas of men’s skin it also refines the pores. The creamy texture gives an all-day-long refreshing look.

7. Men Cover Mat

Bronx Colors

The Men Cover Mat is a specially made powder for men which covers unwanted shine caused by oily skins. This translucent powder leaves the skin smooth and refined without adding any form of coloration to the skin.

8. Men Bright Eye

Dark circles can be irritating and they can be caused by a good number of reasons such as sleep, genetic-related causes among others. But with the use of Bronx Colors Men Bright Eye, you can now wave goodbye to dark circles. It gives the skin underneath the eye a refreshing look.

9. Waterproof Foundation

With the Waterproof Foundation recommended for all, types you can afford to spend some time in the pool or take a beach without worrying about your make-up. Another amazing feature of  the Waterproof Foundation is that it has wonderful compatibility with the skin and it smoothens the skin without drying out

10. Compact Powder

The Compact Powder is a high pigmented compact powder that not only gives the skin a flawless look but also reduces the oily look and it creates a brilliant finish as well.

There are more than a handful of Bronx Colors products chose from but you can rest assured of getting optimal results after using any of them.

You can get Bronx Colors products online or at the local store in your neighborhood.


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