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Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn?

Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? 2

The question of who is Bobby Lee’s wife or does Bobby Lee have a wife is something that will be addressed in this article.

For the term Bobby Lee wife, we need to understand marriage first and foremost as there cannot be a husband or wife without marriage.

So what is marriage and what does that have to do with Bobby Lee having a wife. Marriage is described as an agreement, mutually promise to live together in the relationship of Husband and Wife in law for life, or until the legal termination of the relationship.


So does Bobby Lee have a wife, it will have to be implied that he is married in the first place and marriage is the legal status, condition, or relationship that results from a contract by which one man and one woman, who have the capacity to enter into such.

Why such dedication to the concept of marriage will be explained further below as the term Bobby Lee wife is one that is often well researched and therefore justice must be done to it.

Marriage is a legally sanctioned contract between a man and a woman. Entering into a marriage contract changes the legal status of both parties, giving husband and wife new rights and obligations.


Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? 3

So does Bobby Lee have a wife?

There is a concept that The traditional principle upon which the institution of marriage is founded is that a husband has the obligation to support a wife.


This means for Bobby Lee to have a wife he has a responsibility towards her as Public policy is strongly in favor of marriage based on the belief that it preserves the family unit.

Before the question of Bobby Lee wife is answered we need to take a look into who Bobby Lee is as a person as marriage has been viewed as vital to the preservation of morals and civilization.

Bobby Lee was born in San Diego County, California, and actually named Robert Young Lee, Jr. Bobby Lee born to parents Jeanie and Robert Lee grew up in Poway, California, attended Painted Rock Elementary School, Twin Peaks Middle School, and Poway High School.


He dropped out of Palomar College took jobs in restaurants and coffee shops in the San Diego area. Booby Lee worked various jobs at cafes and restaurants before pursuing a career in comedy. In 1994, Bobby Lee then decided to try stand-up during one of their amateur nights at the La Jolla Comedy Store.

Turns out he would be good at it and he began doing regular comedy sets. Bobby Lee’s parents were less than supportive of his comedic pursuits at first as they hoped he would continue on with the family business.

Bobby Lee then ventured into acting as he appeared in several non-speaking roles on MADtv. He became the first and only Asian cast member of MADtv in 2001. And In 2020 teamed up with Andrew Santino to begin co-hosting the Bad Friends podcast. At the age of 15 Bobby Lee went through three drug-rehabilitation attempts as he began taking methamphetamine and marijuana around 12, and Heroin by age 15. At 17, Bobby Lee ended his meth abuse and has now revealed that he is a recovering alcoholic.


Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? 4

Bobby Lee wife explained

Already explained is that Bobby Lee is a comedian and an actor loved by many known because he has been in the entertainment industry since the 1990s. Bobby Lee


The term Bobby Lee wife has drawn several controversies with people researching a lot and want to know more about her. Reports believe that Bobby Lee’s wife is Khalyla Kuhn and they are about to celebrate their fourth happy marriage anniversary after they tied the knot three years ago.

Bobby Lee’s wife Khalyla Kuhn is 36-year-old and was born on the 31st October 1984. Bobby Lee and his wife Khalyla Kuhn are co-hosts of the Tigerbelly podcast.

The Instagram handle of Bobby Lee’s wife is khalamityk. She is of Afro-Asian Nationality born to an Egyptian dad and a  Filipino mother called Marites Kuhn while her sister is called Juliana Kuhn. . The details about her father’s name and profession are not in public.


Bobby Lee’s wife studied in the Philippines for both her secondary and higher education studies graduated in 2006 after pursuing Biochemistry. According to sources Bobby Lee’s wife Khayla sold food on the streets, waited tables, taught biochemistry-related units, among others. She used to do odd jobs to make a living from the age of 17.

Khayla went to the USA to try her luck when she could not find a job related to her studies in the Philippines. She used to take care of injured birds, chicks, and frogs. When she arrived in the United States of America did any job to earn an income as she still couldn’t find her dream job.

Bobby Lee’s wife career journey changed when she was invited to co-host Tigerbelly with him in 2015. She was able to purchase a beach house as a result. Bobby Lee met Khalyla on Tinder after chatting they dated for three years from 2013.


According to sources Bobby Lee and wife Khalyla do not have any kids yet, just a brown dog. There are reports that they have plans to get one anytime soon. Bobby Lee and his wife as a couple live in Southern California after they married privately at a New York church in August 2016.

The term Bobby Lee wife became more rampant back in March 2018. Speaking about Bobby Lee his wife Khalyla stated on the podcats as a joke that she got married to Bobby due to his substantial income.

The claim by Khalyla that she got married to Bobby due to his substantial income did not go well with the public, including her fans who were angry.


Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? 5

Khalyla Kuhn addressed the situation regarding her marriage as Bobby Lee’s wife stating that she has a real love for her husband by staying in the relationship and making it stronger. She also revealed that despite her past struggles she was well off even before she met Bobby Lee.

On the Tigerbelly podcast, Bobby Lee and wife Khalyla Kuhn talk about their love life. She also revealed that she and Bobby Lee tried having an initial plan was to keep the relationship private but both are public figures and that was not possible.


On Instagram Khalyla Kuhn has solved the Bobby Lee wife mystery as she posts on about their marriage life. Fans are obsessed with Bobby Lee and wife Khalyla anyway despite their romantic shrouded in secrecy.

Another key to why the term Bobby Lee wife exploded on social media and among the trends is because she is perceived to be very good looking. There have been several rumours and accusations that she cheated on Bobby Lee.

Brendan Schaub in 2019, confessed about the beauty and attractiveness of Bobby Lee’s wife Khalyla. Schaub could not understand how Khalyla got attracted to Bobby Lee. He believes that human beings first couple up based on sexual attraction and later by an interaction.


There were reports that Brendan Schaub texted Bobby Lee’s wife Khalyla Kuhn on Twitter. The reports went on to reveal that they only discussed athletic matters.

Bobby Lee was suspicious of Schaub after he saw the texts. Khalyla Kuhn is an intelligent woman and also beautiful which means there would be admirers despite being Bobby Lee’s wife.

Bobby Lee wife: Who is Khalyla Kuhn? 6


Bobby Lee and his wife Khalyla Kuhn on YouTube have over 470,000 subscribers and 87 million views. The whole issue regarding the Bobby Lee wife saga is down to the physical characteristics of both him and Khalyla Kuhn.

A lot of people see Bobby Lee and his wife as a good couple but many people believe that she is just too hot to be with him. On Instagram, she continues to impress despite her age.

Bobby Lee may be the one with all the glamour due to his acting career but Khalyla Kuhn became a hot commodity which resulted into questions being asked about her due to the nature of her rise to prominence.


Bobby Lee and his wife seem like those couple who share genuine love as they host their podcast together and are very much intertwined in their individual lives but people who look at Khalyla Kuhn see her as a woman who wold probably do a lot better with a different opportunity if it was offered to her.

Khalyla Kuhn maintains that she is happy to be the wife of Bobby Lee and overtime they continue to progress in their relationship. Bobby Lee and his wife share a unique feeling and relationships which will be hard for those on the outside to understand therefore several questions are asked about them.

The accusations about cheating on Bobby Lee by his wife Khalyla Kuhn is as a result of the conversations regarding the compatibility between both of them which us based strictly on their looks and sexual vibes.


For now, Bobby Lee’s wife is Khalyla Kuhn, and even though the internet has questions that is the reality at least for now.

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  1. Mate, Khalyla wasn’t “invited” to co-host the TigerBelly podcast. She was the one who started it. She had her own podcast and invited Bobby as a guest. The episode was a success and Bobby eventually agreed to start TigerBelly with her. She was the one who bought the equipment since Bobby was hesitant at first. Check your sources first before writing articles.

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