Benin Republic Players vibe to Yoruba track “Kabiyiesi O” ahead of Super Eagles match 🤗🤗! Video

Benin Republic Players vibe to Yoruba track “Kabiyiesi O” track ahead of Super Eagles! Video

With few hours left before the Super Eagles take on the Squirrels of Benin Republic in Porto Novo, players of the home team are already gearing up to high spirits ahead of the match.

Players of Benin Republic, in a video obtained online, were seen vibing to popular Yoruba Christian song, “Kabiyiesi O” in their hotel while waiting for their food.

The proximity between Nigeria, Lagos precisely to Benin Republic means that both countries will have somethings in common.

Lagos is largely dominated by the Yoruba speaking tribe of Nigeria and considering the proximity between the city and Benin Republic, a good number of locals understand and speak the language quite well.

The Super Eagles will take on the Squirrels in an important Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers and here is how to watch the match live

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