Check out some beautiful Merman and Mermaid Names!

Merman and Mermaid names

Check out some beautiful Merman and Mermaid names

In this part of the world, people take pride in the kind of names they give their new-born child. Some names reflect the time or situation when the child, the lineage of his mother or father or the traditional or religious beliefs of the parents among other factors that surrounding a child. Merman and Mermaid names are not too common in this part of the world. However, some people bear them.

Merman and Mermaid names are associated with the sea especially. Some names reflect waves, tides, moon among others because the two principal creatures, Merman and Mermaid emanate from the sea but they share some human features.

People tend to give their children Merman and Mermaid names to make them stand out among their peers and to also show that they exposed to other cultures and traditions outside of the one they are born into.

What are Mermen and Mermaids?

In Folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the mythology of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mermen, the counterparts of the mythical female mermaids, are mythical creatures, which are male human from the waist up and fish-like from the waist down but may assume normal human shape. Sometimes they are described as hideous and other times as handsome and alluring.

Merman Mermaid names

Whether one is into the ocean or not, one cannot deny that we are all connected to the sea. It covers the vast majority of the planet, provides us with food, helps regulate the climate, and gives many of us a euphoric feeling, well known among tourists, divers, sailors, and mermaids of course!

There is also the theory that life on Earth originated in the sea and everything evolved from there.

Here is a list of some of the beautiful Merman and Mermaid names around the world. You might even bare some Merman and Mermaid names without knowing.

Merman Names

Merman and Mermaid names

  1. Aalton(Finnish, “wave”)
  2. Abharan(India, “jewel”)
  3. Abijam(Israel, “father of the sea”)
  4. Abrecan(English, “storm”)
  5. Aegaeus(Latin America, “from the Aegean sea”)
  6. Aegeus(Latin America, “from the Aegean sea”)
  7. Alankar(India, “jewel”)
  8. Amberly(America, “ruler of the jewels”)
  9. Ambudhi(India, “the sea”)
  10. Anse(French, “cove”)
  11. Arion(Hebrew, “with melody”)
  12. Arnav(Indian, “ocean”)
  13. Arran(English/Scottish, “a person who lives on an island”)
  14. Assan(Irish, “waterfall”)
  15. Atl(Aztec, “water”)
  16. Auster(German, “oyster”)
  17. Accents(Latin America, “from the Black sea”)
  18. Azizi(Swahili, “precious treasure”)
  19. Bahari(Africa, “seaman”)
  20. Bao(Chinese, “gem”)
  21. Bardo(German/Aboriginal, “water”)
  22. Bay(English, “sea inlet”)
  23. Beach
  24. Bien(Vietnam, “ocean, sea”)
  25. Bhupendra(India, “king of seas”)
  26. Bo(Chinese, “wave-like”)
  27. Braden(Irish, “salmon”)
  28. Braedon(Irish, “salmon”)
  29. Brayden(Irish, “salmon”)
  30. Brody(Gaelic, “waterway”)
  31. Cacao(Vietnamese, “song”)
  32. Cain(Welsh, “clear water”)
  33. Calder(Scottish, “rough waters”)
  34. Caldwell(English, “cold water source”)
  35. Cam line(Latin America, “song)
  36. Damarion(American, “of the sea or bitter”)
  37. Dar(Hebrew/Israeli, “pearl”)
  38. Dax(English/French, “water”)
  39. Delmar(Spanish, “of the sea”)
  40. Delmer(French, “mariner of the sea”)
  41. Delmore(French, “of the sea”)
  42. Deniz(Turkey, “the sea”)
  43. Dewain(Celtic/Irish, “song”)
  44. Dilan(Welsh, “son of the sea”)
  45. Dillan(Welsh, “son of the sea”)
  46. Dillon(Welsh, “son of the sea”)
  47. Dorian(Greece, “from the sea”)
  48. Douglas(Scottish/English, “dark water”)
  49. Dour(Scottish, “from the water”)
  50. Dover(Welsh/English, “water”)
  51. Duane(Celtic, “song”)
  52. Ervin(Hungary, “friend of the sea”)
  53. Erwyn(England, “friend of the sea”)
  54. Fairfax(English, “beautiful hair”)
  55. Finn
  56. Firth(Scotland, “arm of the sea”)
  57. Fisk(English, “fish”)
  58. Fiske(English, “fish”)
  59. Galil(Arabic/Hebrew, “wave of God”)
  60. Galon(Hebrew, “a strong wave”)
  61. Gaspar(Persian/Portuguese, “king of the treasure”)
  62. Gazsi(Hungarian/Persian, “king of the treasure”)
  63. Gedda(Danish, “pike fish”)
  64. Hai(Chinese, “the sea”)
  65. Hali(Greek, “the sea”)
  66. Hallmark(Scandinavia, “big ocean stone”)
  67. Hancock(English, “shellfish-gatherer”)
  68. Harbor
  69. Havelock(Norway, “sea sport”)
  70. Hotham(Israel, “a seal”)
  71. Hurlee(Gaelic/Scottish, “tide”)
  72. Hurley(Irish/Gaelic, “sea tide”)
  73. Hurly(Gaelic/Scottish, “tide”)
  74. Irvin(English/Scottish, “water of green”)
  75. Irvine(English/Scottish, “water of green”)
  76. Irving(English/Scottish, “water of green”)
  77. Irwin(English, “sea friend, sea lover”)
  78. Jahara(Arabic, “jewel”)
  79. Jamarion(American, “sparks and sea”)
  80. Jasper(Hebrew, “jewel”)
  81. Jauhar(Africa, “gem pearl”)
  82. Jawhar(Arabic, “jewel”)
  83. Jennis(America, “wild wave”)
  84. Jesper(Danish/Persian, “
  85. Kaito(Japanese, “sea, ocean”)
  86. Kano(Japanese, “the god of the waters”)
  87. Kaspar(Persian, “king of the treasure”)
  88. Katsumi(Japanese, “win over the sea”)
  89. Kawai(Hawaiian, “coming from water”)
  90. Kelsey(English, “from the island of ships”)
  91. Ken(Welsh, “clear water”)
  92. Kenn(Welsh/Irish, “clear water, clear as bright water”)
  93. Keone(Hawaiian, “the sand”)
  94. Kipp(English, “salmon”)
  95. Kipper(English, “salmon”)
  96. Kito(Africa, “a jewel”)
  97. Kousuke(Japanese, “clear bay”)
  98. Kye(American, “ocean”)
  99. Lamar(French, “of the sea”)
  100. Lamarr(French, “of the sea”)
  101. Llyr(Welsh, “from the sea”)
  102. Lockhart(French/Germanic, “freshwater fish”)
  103. Lyle(French, “coming from an island”)
  104. Mandar(Indian/Sanskrit, “coral tree”)
  105. Mar(Spanish, “the sea”)
  106. Mare(French, “the sea”)
  107. Mariatu(African, “of the sea or bitter”)
  108. Marin(Latin America, “of the sea”)
  109. Marinel(Latin, “of the sea”)
  110. Marino(Latin America, “of the sea”)
  111. Marinos(Latin America, “of the sea”)
  112. Marion(Hebrew, “bitter, or from the sea”)
  113. Marmaduke(Irish, “leader of the seas”)
  114. Marv(America, “friend of the sea”)
  115. Marvin(England/Celtic/Welsh/African-American, “friend of the sea”)
  116. Matsya(India, “fish”)
  117. Meredith(English/Welsh, “protector of the sea, guardian of the sea”)
  118. Meredydd(Welsh, “guardian of the sea”)
  119. Meridith(English/Welsh, “
  120. Nalu(Hawaii, “wave”)
  121. Namaz(Africa, “water”)
  122. Narayan(India, “moving water”)
  123. Nafion(“Welsh form of Neptune, the god of the sea”)
  124. Nen(Arabic/Egyptian, “ancient waters”)
  125. Neptune(Latin America, “god of water”)
  126. Neron(Spanish, “sea”)
  127. Nirjhar(India, “waterfalls”)
  128. Oceanus(Greece, “father of the Oceanids, sea titan”)
  129. Pacific(Latin, “ocean name, tranquil”)
  130. Pacifico(Latin, “peaceful and serene”)
  131. Palaemon(Greece, “a sea god”)
  132. Pelagios(Greek, “from the sea”)
  133. Perl(English/Latin, “pearl, gemstone”)
  134. Phorcys(Greece, “a sea god”)
  135. Pike(“pike, a fish”)
  136. Pisces(Latin America, “the fish”)
  137. Ponce(Latin, “of the sea”)
  138. Pons(French, “of the sea”)
  139. Pontius(Latin, “of the sea”)
  140. Pontus(Greece, “sea”)
  141. Portunus(Latin America, “a god of the sea”)
  142. Poseidon(Greece, “a god of the sea and ocean”)
  143. Premanth(India, “a sea of love”)
  144. Proteus(Greece, “a sea god”)
  145. Quay(French, “wharf”)
  146. Rani(Hebrew/Israeli, “song”)
  147. Ranit(Hebrew/Israeli, “song”)
  148. Scur(English, “storm”)
  149. Scylla(Greece, “a sea monster”)
  150. Seabert(English, “glory at sea”)
  151. Seaborn(English, “sea warrior”)
  152. Seabright(English, “glory at sea”)
  153. Seabury(English, “glory at sea”)
  154. Seager(English, “sea spear”)
  155. Seaward(English, “sea guardian”)
  156. Sebert(English, “glory at sea”)
  157. Sewald(English, “sea powerful”)
  158. Sewall(English, “sea powerful”)
  159. Seward(English, “sea guardian”)
  160. Sewell(English, “sea powerful”)
  161. Shad(“fish name, battle warrior”)
  162. Shadow(English, “shad fish”)
  163. Shaddock(English, “shad fish”)
  164. Shan(Chinese, “coral”)
  165. Shashida(India, “ocean”)
  166. Shattuck(English, “shad fish”)
  167. Shoney(Irish, “sea god”)
  168. Shui(Chinese, “coming from water”)
  169. Sid(English, “from a large island”)
  170. Sidney(English, “from a large island”)
  171. Storm
  172. Strom(Swedish, “river”)
  173. Tahoe(Native American, “lake, big water”)
  174. Tamaki(Japanese, “jewel, ge
  175. Gandhi(India, “sea”)
  176. Varun(India, “lord of the sea”)
  177. Valdimar(Icelandic, “ruler of the ocean”)
  178. Varan(Hindi, “water god”)
  179. Wade(English, “cross the water”)
  180. Waverly
  181. Weller(English, “extracting salt from the sea”)
  182. Whitney(English, “white island”)
  183. Winthrop(English, “settlement of the pirates”)
  184. Yaxha(Spanish, “green water”)
  185. Yousuke(Japanese, “meditate like the ocean”)
  186. Zaire(African/Arabic, “river”)
  187. Zale(Greece, “sea strength”)
  188. Zamir(Arabic/Hebrew, “beautiful voice, the song”)
  189. Zealand(English, “from the sea-land”)
  190. Zeeman(Dutch, “seaman”)
  191. Zephyr(Greek, “westerly wind”)
  192. Zimran(Hebrew, “song”)
  193. Zulimar(Spanish, “blue

Mermaid Names

Merman and Mermaid names


  1. Aaralyn(America, “with song”)
  2. Adamaris(Latin, “noble of the sea”)
  3. Aegaea(Latin America, “from the Aegean sea”)
  4. Aerwyna(England, “friend of the sea”)
  5. Almeta(Danish, “pearl”)
  6. Amarine(French, “aquamarine”)
  7. Amberly(America, “ruler of the jewels”)
  8. Ambra(French, “jewel, gemstone”)
  9. Ambre(French, “jewel”)
  10. Anahita(India, “goddess of the waters”)
  11. Annemette(Danish, “bitter pearl”)
  12. Apanie(Australia, “water”)
  13. Aphrodite(Greece, “once who has risen from the sea foam”)
  14. Aqua(Greek, “of the water”)
  15. Aquamarine
  16. Aquanetta(English, “contemporary created name”)
  17. Aquaria(American, “of the water”)
  18. Aquata
  19. Arcelia(Spanish, “treasure chest”)
  20. Aria(Italian, “solo melody”)
  21. Baia(Portuguese, “bay”)
  22. Beste(Turkish, “melodic”)
  23. Bijou(French, “jewel-like”)
  24. Bijoux(French, “jewels”)
  25. Binda(Australia, “deep water”)
  26. Brimlad(England, “seaway”)
  27. Briny
  28. Cadence(English, “beat, rhythm”)
  29. Cadenza(Italian, “musical term”)
  30. Calista(Greek, “woman of most beauty”)
  31. Calliope(Greek, “beautiful voiced”)
  32. Callisto(Greek, “a mythological nymph”)
  33. Calypso(Greek, “she who hides, an island nymph, musical genre”)
  34. Caniad(English/Welsh, “song”)
  35. Canna(Latin America, “song”)
  36. Canta(Latin America, “song”)
  37. Cantata(Italian, “musical composition with vocal elements”)
  38. Cantrelle(French, “song”)
  39. Cappella(Italian, “musical term”)
  40. Carmel(Latin America, “song”)
  41. Carmencita(Spanish, “song”)
  42. Carmia(English, “song”)
  43. Carmina(English, “song”)
  44. Carmina(Spanish, “beautiful song”)
  45. Carmine(Italy, “song”)
  46. Carmita(English, “song”)
  47. Carma(English, “song”)
  48. Carrie(America, “melody, song”)
  49. Cascata(Italy, “waterfall”)
  50. Ceto(Greece, “goddess of the sea”)
  51. Chalsie(America, “seaport”)
  52. Delma(Spanish, “of the sea”)
  53. Delmarva(Spanish, “of the sea”)
  54. Delmare(French, “of the sea”)
  55. Deloras(Latin America, “from the seashore”)
  56. Delores(Latin America, “from the seashore”)
  57. Delphia(Spanish, “dolphin”)
  58. Delphine(French, “dolphin”)
  59. Derya(Turkish, “from the ocean”)
  60. Doria(England, “the sea”)
  61. Dorea(Greece, “of the sea”)
  62. Doriana(Greece, “of the sea”)
  63. Dorianna(Greece, “of the sea”)
  64. Dorianne(Greece, “of the sea”)
  65. Dorie(Canada, “the sea”)
  66. Doris(Greece, “sea”)
  67. Dreama(American, “joyous music”)
  68. Duana(Irish, “song”)
  69. Durdana(Africa, “single pearl”)
  70. Durriya(Arabic, “pearl”)
  71. Dylana(English, “ocean-born”)
  72. Earlywine(England, “friend of the sea”)
  73. Earwyn(England, “friend of the sea”)
  74. Early(England, “friend of the sea”)
  75. Ethel(English, “noble waterfall”)
  76. Ethelyn(English, “noble waterfall”)
  77. Ebba(English, “flowing tide”)
  78. Echo(Greek, “woman of sound”)
  79. Edlen(English, “noble waterfall”)
  80. Edlin(English, “noble waterfall”)
  81. Edlyn(English, “noble waterfall”)
  82. Eidothea(Greece, “a sea nymph”)
  83. Elders(Greece, “of the sea”)
  84. Ephyra(Latin America, “daughter of Oceanus”)
  85. Erwinia(England, “friend of the sea”)
  86. Erwyna(England, “friend of the sea”)
  87. Finley
  88. Firth(Scotland, “arm of the sea”
  89. Ethelyn(English, “noble waterfall”)
  90. Ebba(English, “flowing tide”)
  91. Echo(Greek, “woman of sound”)
  92. Edlen(English, “noble waterfall”)
  93. Edlin(English, “noble waterfall”)
  94. Edlyn(English, “noble waterfall”)
  95. Eidothea(Greece, “a sea nymph”)
  96. Elders(Greece, “of the sea”)
  97. Ephyra(Latin America, “daughter of Oceanus”)
  98. Erwinia(England, “friend of the sea”)
  99. Erwyna(England, “friend of the sea”)
  100. Finley
  101. Firth(Scotland, “arm of the sea”)
  102. Gali(Hebrew, “wave”)
  103. Galia(Hebrew, “born in waves”)
  104. Gatha(India, “song”)
  105. Gemma(Italian/French, “jewel or gem”)
  106. Gemmalyn(Latin America, “gem, a jewel”)
  107. Gemmalynn(Latin America, “gem, a jewel”)
  108. Genevieve(Celtic/French, “white wave”)
  109. Genoveva(German, “white wave”)
  110. Gersemi(Scandinavia, “jewel”)
  111. Ghita(Italian/Greek, “pearl”)
  112. Ginevra(Italian, “white shadow, white wave”)
  113. Gita(India, “song”)
  114. Gracelynn(German, “graceful as a waterfall”)
  115. Gredel(Greece, “pearl”)
  116. Guinivere(English, “white wave”)
  117. Gwenifer(English, “white wave”)
  118. Gwenore(“white shadow, white wave”)
  119. Hali(Greece, “sea”)
  120. Halimeda(Greece, “thinking of the sea”)
  121. Harbor
  122. Harmony
  123. Havilah(Biblical, “stretch of sand”)
  124. Hurricane
  125. Imogen(Gaelic, “young maiden”)
  126. Inna(Russian, “coming from the water of strength”)
  127. Irta(Greek, “pearl”)
  128. Corvette(English, “friend of the sea”)
  129. Irvette(English, “friend of the sea”)
  130. Isla(Spanish, “island”)
  131. It also(Spanish, “sea”)
  132. Iwalani(Hawaiian, “royal seagull”)
  133. Jammana(Arabic, “pearl”)
  134. Jauhera(Africa, “jewel gem”)
  135. Jeevika(India, “water”)
  136. Jemma(Italian, “jewel or gem”)
  137. Jeneil(America, “champion wave”)
  138. Jeneva(America, “white wave”)
  139. Jenna(“white shadow, white wave”)
  140. Jennis(America, “wild wave”)
  141. Jewel
  142. Jewell
  143. Johari(African/African-American, “jewel”)
  144. Jorie(Greek, “pearl”)
  145. Jule(Franch, “jewel”)
  146. Jumana(Arfican/Arabic, “silver pearl”)
  147. Kailani(America, “sea and
  148. Leimomi(Hawaiian, “daughter of pearls”)
  149. Leucothea(Greece, “a sea nymph”)
  150. Leucothia(Greece, “a sea nymph”)
  151. Ligeia(Greek, “a siren, clear-voiced, whistling”)
  152. Limit(Hebrew, “musical”)
  153. Lorelai
  154. Lorelay(Belgium, “alluring”)
  155. Lorelie
  156. Lorelei(German, “alluring”)
  157. Lorren(Latin America, “seagull”)
  158. Lula(Arabic, “pearl”)
  159. Lulu(African/Arabic, “pearl’)
  160. Lulwa(Arabic, pearl)
  161. Lyndal(Australia, “a waterfall”)
  162. Lyra(Greek, “lyre, the musical instrument”)
  163. Lyric(Greek, “lyric, a songlike person”)
  164. Maarit(Finnish/Greek, “pearl”)
  165. Madge(English/Greek, “pearl”)
  166. Maegan(Welsh/Irish, “pearl”)
  167. Maeve(Irish, “goddess of the song”)
  168. Magan(Greek, “pearl”)
  169. Maggie(Irish/English/Scottish/Greek, “pearl”)
  170. Maille(Irish, “pearl”)
  171. Mailsi(Irish, “pearl”)
  172. Mairead(Irish, “pearl”)
  173. Marin(Ireland, “goddess of the sea”)
  174. Maisie(Irish/Scottish, “pearl”)
  175. Maisy(Scottish, “pearl”)
  176. Major(French, “pearl”)
  177. Majorie(Greek, “pearl”)
  178. Malgosia(Polish, “pearl”)
  179. Mamia(Latin America, “of
  180. Muriel(Celtic, “shining sea”)
  181. Musetta(French, “a song”)
  182. Musette(French, “a song”)
  183. Nafisa(Arabic, “precious gem”)
  184. Nagina(Africa, “gem pearl”)
  185. Naia(Hawaiian, “to flow”)
  186. Nadia(Latin America, “a nymph”)
  187. Naida(Arabic/Greek, “water nymph)
  188. Naiya(Greek, “water nymph”)
  189. Narendra(American, “water baby, magical”)
  190. Name(Japanese, “wave”)
  191. Nanami(Japanese, “seven seas”)
  192. Nautica
  193. Nautica(Latin America, “from the sea”)
  194. Negeen(Persian, “gem”)
  195. Nereid(Greece, “the sea nymphs”)
  196. Nereida(Greek, “nymph of the sea”)
  197. Neri(Hebrew/Greek, “burning light or ocean spirit”)
  198. Nerida(Greek, “sea nymph, mermaid”)
  199. Nerin(Greece, “a series, one from the sea”)
  200. Nerina(Greece, “a sea nymph”)
  201. Nerine(Greece, “a series, one from the sea”)
  202. Nerissa(Latin America/Greek, “
  203. Oceana(Greece, “from the sea”)
  204. Oceania
  205. Odele(English/Greek, “song”)
  206. Odelette(French, “little song”)
  207. Ondine(French, “wave of water”)
  208. Amanda(Germany, “of the sea”)
  209. Palash(Russian, “open sea”)
  210. Pania(Maori, “mythological sea maiden”)
  211. Pasha(Greek, “of the ocean”)
  212. Pearl
  213. Pearle
  214. Pearlie
  215. Pearly
  216. Peggy(Greek, “pearl”)
  217. Peigi(Irish, “pearl”)
  218. Pelagia(Greece, “sea”)
  219. Penina(Hebrew/Israeli, “pearl”)
  220. Peninah(Hebrew/Israeli, “pearl”)
  221. Peninna(Israel, “pearl coral”)
  222. Peninnah(Israel, “pearl”)
  223. Perl(English/Latin, “pearl, gemstone”)
  224. Perla(Italian/Latin/Spanish, “pearl, gemstone”)
  225. Pessa(Yiddish, “pearl”)
  226. Philomela(Greece, “a lover of  the song”)
  227. Philomena(Greek, “one who loves songs”)
  228. Philyra(Greek, “love of music”)
  229. Raga(Sankrit, “colour or melody”)
  230. Ragni(Indian/Sanskrit, “melody”)
  231. Raiden(Latin America, “siren”)
  232. Rani(Hindi, “she is singing”)
  233. Ranita(Hebrew, “song”)
  234. Reatha(Greek, “pearl”)
  235. Reeta(Finnish/Greek, “pearl”)
  236. Reba(Hebrew, “joyous melody”)
  237. Rhapsody(French, “musical
  238. Shui(Chinese, “coming from water”)
  239. Sidney(English, “from a large island”)
  240. Sonata(“music name”)
  241. Sonatina(Italian, “musical term”)
  242. Sonnet(English/Italian, “little song”)
  243. Stormy
  244. Sydney(English, “wide island”)
  245. Syrena
  246. Takara(Japanese, “treasure, jewel”)
  247. Taki(Japanese, “plunging waterfall”)
  248. Tama(Japan, “jewel”)
  249. Tamami(Japanese, “beautiful gem”)
  250. Taraneh(Persia, “song”)
  251. Tarni(Australia, “saltwater, wave, surf”)
  252. Tegeen(America, “pearl harvest”)
  253. Teles(Latin America, “siren”)
  254. Tempest(English/America, “stormy”)
  255. Tempeste(French, “stormy”)
  256. Tethys(Greece, “wife of Oceanus”)
  257. Thalassa(Greece, “the sea”)
  258. Thelxepeia(Latin America, “a siren”)
  259. Tina(English, “like a river”)
  260. Toccata(Italian, musical term)
  261. Treasure
  262. Ula(Ireland, “jewel of the sea”)
  263. Una(Celtic/Welsh, “white wave”)
  264. Undina(Latin America, “of the waves”)
  265. Undine(Latin America, “of the waves”)
  266. India(Latin America, “of the waves”)
  267. Upala(India, “jewel”)
  268. Vanora(Irish/Welsh, “white wave”)
  269. Varuna(India, “wife of the sea”)
  270. Vela(Sanskirt, “shore, coast”)
  271. Venilia(Latin America, “of the sea and winds”)
  272. Vevay(Irish, “a white wave”)
  273. Vilmaris(Greece, “protector from the sea”)
  274. Wanwisa(Thailand, “goddess of the sea”)
  275. Wenda(English, “white wave”)
  276. Whitney(English, “white island”)
  277. Winefred(Welsh, “white wave”)
  278. Winnifred(Welsh, “white wave”)
  279. Winnifred(Welsh/English, “white wave”)
  280. Yalgonata(Polish, “pearl”)
  281. Yahaira(Arabia, “jewel”)
  282. Yara(Australia, “a seagull”)
  283. Yareli(Native American, “water lady”)
  284. Zenevieva(Slovakia, “white wave”)
  285. Zimra(Hebrew, “song”)

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