#Coronavirus; Watch how Cristiano Ronaldo and his family are faring !

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family are taking advantage of the impromptu break caused by the Coronavirus as the Portuguese superstar works out on his car garage with his family in Funchal, Portugal.


Cristiano Ronaldo has placed himself under self isolation in Portugal since the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy and has not returned to Juventus since then.

Juventus confirmed that two players in the club already tested positive for Coronavirus and been placed under self isolation as well.

Boston Celtic Guard Marcus Smart and 2 Los Angeles Lakers stars test positive for Coronavirus (video)

Italy, which is more or less the epicenter of the Coronavirus spread in Europe has been on a lock down for the past two weeks as schools and other public and private institutions have been shut down by the Italian Government.

According to reports, Italy have recorded about 3,405 deaths since the virus broke out in the country.

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