Incredible! See what Paul Pogba is doing as he celebrates his 28th birthday anniversary!

Manchester United’s midfielder, Paul Pogba turns 28th on this day and instead of partying, he has chosen to do something very special and commendable.

The French star expressed his gratitude to God for keeping him and his family safe in a message he posted on his official Twitter page today.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba went on to call on his friends and fans to support a charity work he is donating to in Niger.

His tweet reads;

“I’m turning 28! 🎂😁and I am happy that I, my family and my friends are safe and fortunate to see another year!
This year I chose Seed Charity.”

“The best present you can give is a little something to help this cause. We are grateful for any donation! 🙏🏾”

See full details of the charity here👇

Funding facilities for 2 eco-communities in Niger

This is Niger, located south of Algeria and Libya and 80% made from Sahara and Sahel… In other words, the desert!

Access to water is a challenge for a large part of the population. The poverty rate was 41.4% in 2019, meaning more than 9.5 million people.

Self-sufficiency is the right way that’s why Seed wants to support the construction and equipment for two eco-communities. This project would also be a real solution for women and girls mainly in charge of water supply and cereal grinding.

  1. water supply by Rotary drilling, a method implying to dig tens metres deep to bring water to surface and store it in a water tower (5 cubic meters capacity). The water tower will have a solar panel pump allowing self-sufficiency for at least 500 people.
  1. a cereal mill to grind millet, sorghum and other local cereals in a few minutes instead of several hours now with a mortar!
  1. a vegetable garden (cabbages, tomatoes, bell peppers, moringas) with an orchard — mango, orange and lemon trees — which is good for food diversification. Moreover, people could sell crop surplus to nearby markets.

Total budget: 20 000 €

Via Seed Charity 


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