Jordan Kadiri: Now season’s over, I can’t wait to eat my mum’s cooking in Nigeria

Jordan Kadiri: Now season’s over, I can’t wait to eat my mum’s cooking in Nigeria

SK Lommel of Belgium star Jordan Attah Kadiri cannot wait to fly back to the comfort of his mother’s cooking in Nigeria after completing his first season in Belgian football.

“I’ve not planned anything special (for the holidays). I just want to spend it with my family in Nigeria. I’ve missed my mum’s cooking. I miss everything about my mom. She’s my hero. And I missed my favourite food which is any swallow with my mum’s delicious soup,” he told in an exclusive interview.

Lommel failed to make the playoffs for promotion, falling just one spot short, but Kadiri did enough to be included in the shortlist for Player of the Season yet he would have preferred that his team won something rather than the personal honours.

And while discussions are still ongoing about his future, the player fondly called “Da Bull” because of the similarity of his style of play with that of former Super Eagles forward Daniel Amokachi, has resolved to work harder and make a better impact next season.

“I don’t know for now (about my future) but we still discussing. Nevertheless, my target for next season is to score more goals and helped the team to achieve more. I think many things football mentality.”

Watch this video to know why Kadiri is referred to as the new Amokachi in Belgium

Outside the pitch and away from training, Kadiri has been coping with staying alone even though he admits it is not easy.

“It’s not my first time of staying alone since I came to Europe but I must confess it is not easy to be on your own and I sometimes feel homesick. However I’m a very strong boy so I have  learnt to cope. Besides, it is what puts food on my table so I really don’t have a choice but to get used to it,” he said.

Kadiri transferred to Lommel from Sweden’s Östersund and admitted it was a mixed start to life for him in Belgium as he was unable to achieve all his personal targets for the season.

“I thank God for everything and I believe it was a learning curve for me but it wasn’t all doom and gloom as I was nominated for the player of the season award in Belgium.  That’s huge on a personal level for me and I feel very proud about it but I would rather we won something as a team,” he said in an exclusive interview.

“Already many things have changed about my game in the time I’ve been here, most importantly, my football mentality and sense of professionalism. For this, I have Lommel the club, my teammates, the coaching staff and the fans to thank for that.”


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