Knowing these road signs will save you from accidents…and FRSC

Knowing these road signs will save you from accidents…and FRSC

Most of us drive without the least knowledge of what those pesky road signs mean, don’t we?

Well, Twitter user @Motolanii_ has made life much easier by explaining what each of those markings you see on the roads as you drive along actually mean.

In a thread, he explained thusly:

1. Broken White Line

A broken white line simply indicates that you can change the lane, but with caution.

2. Straight White Line

Unlike the broken white line, a straight white line is only made on a two-way road and it implies that you can’t 8overtake the vehicle ahead, in other words, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHANGE LANES.

3. Single Straight Yellow Line

This is also made on a two-way road. The yellow line implies that overtaking a vehicle is allowed, but crossing the yellow line is not allowed. This is why, a single yellow line is also made on the side of the lanes, implying the end of the road

4. Double Straight Yellow Lines

In case of double straight yellow lines, passing is strictly restricted.

5. Broken Yellow Line

This is also like the broken white lines where one vehicle can overtake the other, but with caution.

6. Straight Yellow Line with Broken Yellow Line

This implies that if you are driving on the side of the broken line, you can’t overtake any vehicle, but if you’re driving on the straight line, you can overtake.

I guess you’re better educated now? I am.

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