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Molly Eskam: age, background, career, relationship, net worth and other top facts


If you get the opportunity to sample the opinions of teenagers about their dreams and aspirations, one thing that will be central or germane to those aspirations is to succeed at a very young age. Molly Eskam without doubt represents what most young people would like to become especially in their early twenties.

The rise to Stardom of Molly Eskam in the ever-competitive, however, money-spinning American entertainment industry continues to be a subject of discussion to date especially among young people who form a large chunk of her followers on social media.

Research didn’t indicate whether Molly Eskam was born with a silver spoon in a mouth at birth or whether she stumbled upon a pot of gold – her parent didn’t confirm such news. However, if her parents believe in divination, the priest they took her to, to determine what her future will look like, must have seen nothing but fame and prestige.

So who is Molly Eskam? What does she do? And how influential and influential is she? Is he in a relationship? Who is her boyfriend? Attempts will be made at providing answers to these questions and other details about her in the subsequent paragraphs.


Background and Career

Molly Eskam is a fast-rising and highly-rated American Youtube star, model, and social media personality. She was born on the, 1998, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United States. She is white American and she is the youngest child and only daughter of her parents, Kent and Laurie Eskam.

Molly Eskam

She grew up with her two older brothers – Chase and Chance in Carlsbad, and has since been living there. When she was still a child, her family left her birth town, Scottsbluff for Carlsbad. Details, as regards her education, are not clear but it appears that she is done her high school education already.

On the 12th of May 2010, Molly began her internet career and she immediately got the attention of lingerie and swimwear companies and that was how she launched her careering in modeling.


She began her Youtube channel – MOLLY ESKAM and she started creating content in 2015. She covered ranging from beauty, lifestyle, jokes, travel among other topics. Her first Youtube, “Q and A” Plastic where she answered a lot of questions from fans as regards the subject matter based on her experience with them. Subsequent videos of Molly Eskam made her more famous in the American internet space and entertainment industry by extension.

Molly, as a lingerie model, works with well-known lingerie brands and is not shy about showing her attractive body features. The model showcases quite open shots in swimsuits and underwear. She participates in a large number of model shows, and also took part in the Courtney Allegra Runway Show.

Molly Eskam and Controversy 

For popular figures especially in the entertainment industry, controversy is not too far away from some of them. And most often than not, the controversy is usually about their personal life.


Molly Eskam’s bodily features continue to be a subject of debate online. The controversy is about whether she did plastic surgery or not. However, the internet sensation is yet to admit to this. She has however made it clear that she is pro-plastic surgery.

Molly Eskam and Brian Awadis

She once dated gaming superstar, Brian Awadis who is popularly known as Faze Rug. He is also a Youtuber. She revealed her connection with Faze Rug via a vlog she uploaded on her YouTube channel on 30th June 2017. Faze Rug himself is popular for his trick videos, Call of Duty, with over 11 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel as well as a net worth of over $2 million.

Molly Eskam

Brian Awadis is a native of San Diego but of Iraqi descent as well – his parents migrated from Iraq.


The duo ended their relationship a few years ago but they are still friends.

Net Worth

So far, her modeling and Youtube career hasn’t earned her a very huge fortune but she has an impressive figure as her net worth.  The exact figure is not clear but it is reported to be in the region of $500,000.

She has done quite well for herself in a very competitive industry and her base on social media is on a steady rise. Molly Eskam has over 1.2 million Instagram followers, almost 9k Twitter followers, and more than half a million YouTube subscribers with over 30 million views.





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