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NBA 2022-23 Title Contenders–Our Top 5 Picks

We are over halfway through the 2022-23 NBA season, and things are starting to even out in terms of top contenders and playoff positions. Obviously, there is still a lot of time left, but we can see trends, and it’s clear who the potential title contenders are.

We can also soon look forward to making use of March Madness picks with the upcoming NCAAB tournaments, but first, let’s lay down our picks for NBA title contenders! We have five selections below¾how do they compare with your choices and do you think we have missed anyone?

1. Boston Celtics

I am not a Boston fan¾I think they are boring to watch. Regardless, I am not foolish enough to deny that they are currently the strongest team in the NBA. They are the clear top title contenders and I think this will be their year.


Their two superstars, Tatum and Brown, are playing incredibly. As is their supporting cast. They are brilliant both offensively and defensively, and that loss to GSW in the finals last year means that they have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. If you look at the other contenders in the East, how could the Celtics not make the Finals?

2. Denver Nuggets

I think this could be the year that Denver reaches the NBA Finals! They are clearly the strongest team in the West, and I don’t think that they have reached their full potential either.

Jokic is playing incredibly and could easily get MVP again. However, this season, he actually has a great supporting cast. Aaron Gordon has the argument for being their second-best player. MPJ continues to improve and is a scoring threat.

Murray is dazzling as ever and appears to be working his way back positively from injury. If this form continues and everyone remains healthy, I don’t see how anyone can beat Denver in the West. Whether or not they have what it takes to beat a team like Boston, remains to be seen.


3. Golden State Warriors

You have to include the Warriors in this list too. They simply have too much experience and talent to be counted out. I get that they have problems and that they are currently not playing well. However, knowing GSW, they could just as likely turn things around and go on an immense winning streak.

Whenever you have a healthy Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins, there is the potential to win. They have done it before, can cope with the Finals pressure, and proved against Boston that they still have what it takes. Never count the Golden State Warriors out, whether you love them or hate them!

4. Milwaukee Bucks

I can’t leave Milwaukee off this list, although their current form and injuries make me worry. I love the Bucks and Giannis and I still believe that they have what it takes to go to the Finals again.


Their main obstacle is obviously Boston. If the Bucks are fully fit, with Giannis, Middleton, and Holiday playing as well as they can, I think they can beat Boston. That is the problem, however. Middleton can’t stay healthy and has hardly played, Giannis has been hit and miss this last month, and Holiday can either be incredible or a non-entity.

5. Memphis Grizzlies

The last pick was difficult! However, I have chosen the Grizzlies because everyone has underrated them, and they continue to prove people wrong. Many analysts and fans write the Grizzlies off. They say that Morant will get injured, or that he can’t carry a team, or that their supporting cast just isn’t good enough.

But the actual evidence doesn’t agree with this. Ja is playing amazingly, and he continues to dazzle with his high-flying playstyle. It also seems that he’s improved his shooting somewhat too. You then have Desmond Bane, who has come back from injury and is looking better than ever.


Their supporting cast is a great mix too. You have Jason Momoa… sorry, Steven Adams, who is reliable, tough, and gritty, and the amazing defensive presence of Jaen Jackson Jr. I feel like they may need another year to mature, but they are currently 2nd in the West and are certainly one of the teams playing consistently good basketball.

My Pick is Boston, but This Could be the Greatest Playoffs Ever!

I still think that the Celtics look the strongest and are the most consistent team. They stand at the top of the Eastern Conference and it’s difficult to see who could take four games from them¾especially with the current forms of other teams. I think that losing last year to Golden State will galvanize Boston and give them what they need to take the final step toward NBA history.


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