Top 10 San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers

Top 10 San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers 2

In this post, we will share with you some of the best San Bernardino accident lawyers, but first, for the sake of those who are unfamiliar with the legal field, we will define what an accident lawyer is and what he or she does.

Who is an accident lawyer?

An accident lawyer is a legal expert who assists people who claim to have been physically or psychologically injured as a result of the negligence of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

Personal injury attorneys practice primarily in the tort law area of the law. Common personal injury claims include slip and fall accidents, traffic collisions, defective products, workplace injuries, and professional malpractice.

What does a Car Accident Lawyer do? 

A car accident lawyer helps car accident victims build personal injury claims and seek compensation for damages caused by other drivers.

If you were injured in a car accident and were not at fault, a car accident lawyer can help you build your case and file for compensation as soon as possible.

While settling a car accident claim without legal counsel is possible, a car accident lawyer can help simplify and optimize your monetary compensation while also protecting your rights as an accident victim.

They can also take some of the stress out of dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurer, allowing you to focus on more important things like healing.

Is Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Worth it? 

Yes, it is beneficial, which is why it is prudent to retain the services of an experienced accident attorney. Over the years, one of the legal firms we will be sharing with you has been able to recover approximately $500,000,000 in car accident settlements.

A personal injury lawyer can assist the victims, their clients, in filing the appropriate cases and seeking the appropriate legal action to win compensation. Many times, a personal injury lawyer can also assist in settling such cases outside of court.

Now that you know who an accident lawyer is and what they do, let us introduce you to some of the best Austin accident lawyers you can rely on to help you get a fair judgment and settlement if you or someone you know is involved in an accident.

Top San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers you can hire 

  1. The Ellis Firm, APLC (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

Ellis Firm is one of the most respected San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers that you should have on your side if you have been injured in a car accident, no matter how serious.

They understand that you have been through a traumatic experience and are attempting to recover from painful injuries at the Ellis Firm, APLC.

Insurance companies will do anything to reduce your compensation, which is why we employ effective counter-strategies to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Contact them at 951-289-0628 even if you do not believe you have a case. Meeting with an attorney will not obligate you to take legal action, but it may provide you with a different perspective and change your mind about taking the case.


1620 5th Ave

Suite 700

San Diego, CA 92101

  1. The Ernst Firm ( San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

The Ernst Firm is one of the most experienced San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers. 

The Ernst Law Group specializes in Plaintiff Trial Lawyers. Don Ernst has been in charge of his legal team for over 35 years.

The sections that follow explain the various types of law and why you might have a claim. Not all law firms are the same, especially plaintiff trial firms, or personal injury law firms.

Your choice of representation has a direct impact on the amount of compensation you will receive for how you have been harmed. We understand how important your representation is to the outcome of your case.

Many firms take on a large number of cases, leaving them unable to provide the attention required to achieve the best results for their clients. The Ernst Law Group specializes in litigation.

This means that we will take your case to trial in order to obtain adequate compensation for you; we consistently obtain significantly more for our clients than many other firms. This takes a long time, a lot of money, and the highest level of skill.



Ernst Law Group 

1020 Palm Street 

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

  1. SAW Law Group (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

SAW LAW GROUP LLP is a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles that represents people who have suffered moderate to severe injuries as a result of car, truck, bus, semi-truck, or motorcycle accidents. 

Multiple collisions, rollovers, hit-and-runs, Uber and Lyft accidents, drunk driving, and wrongful death are all handled by the firm.

The attorneys at the firm are arguably the most experienced San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers, with years of litigation success. 

They use these abilities to negotiate and litigate high-value settlements that include compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. The staff is multilingual. Employment lawyers are also available.


San Bernardino, CA

+1 205-927-2647

  1. Aa Accident Attorneys PLC (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

AA Accident Attorneys PLC is a bilingual law firm with two offices in Los Angeles and four more in Fresno, Newport Beach, Sacramento, and Moreno Valley.

Paul E. Lee, the firm’s founder, represents drivers and passengers who have been injured in car, motorcycle, and commercial truck accidents.

Lee has over 20 years of experience fighting for residents of California, Nevada, and Colorado to receive compensation for property damage, medical bills, and lost income. Insurance bad faith and professional malpractice are two other areas of practice.


24384 Sunnymead Blvd STE 104

Moreno Valley, CA 92553

+1 800-260-2577

  1. Pacific Attorney Group (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers)

The Pacific Attorney is a group of San Bernardino car accident lawyers that represents victims of car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian, and drunk driving accidents throughout the Inland Empire.

P. Mark Shayani, Peter M. Lazarus, and Brian K. Andrews are California Bar Association members with over 35 years of combined experience.

In addition, the firm represents clients in cases involving automotive product liability, construction accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and neglect, and wrongful death.


198 N Arrowhead Ave

San Bernardino, CA 92408

+1 800-358-9617 

  1. The Accident Guys (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

The Accident Guys is a San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers firm with 22 offices throughout California, including Los Angeles County, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, and Bakersfield. 

The firm handles personal injury cases involving drivers and passengers injured in car, bicycle, commercial truck, or bus accidents. It represents clients in cases involving uninsured or inebriated drivers. The firm also assists with insurance company disputes involving motorcycle accidents.


19069 Van Buren Blvd 

STE 114-250

Riverside, CA 92508

+1 951-333-342

  1. The Law Offices of William D. Shapiro 

The Law Offices of William D. Shapiro is a San Bernardino-based personal injury law firm that has represented clients throughout California since 1984.

The firm represents victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, including those caused by speeding, driver fatigue, improper vehicle maintenance, design flaws, dangerous roads, and distracted drivers.

DUI, unsafe trailer loads, uninsured drivers, and boating and public transportation accidents are some of the other areas of practice. 


893 E Brier Dr

San Bernardino, CA 92408

+1 909-890-1000 

  1. DAM Firm (San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers) 

For over 30 years, DiMarco Araujo Montevideo, a group of San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers, has counseled auto accident victims.

As a result of an auto accident, the firm works hard to maximize compensation for property damage, severe injuries, medical bills, lost income, and emotional trauma.

Plaintiffs do not pay a fee for services until they receive a trial verdict or settlement.

Other personal injuries, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation cases are also handled by the firm.

In 2018, U.S. News & World Report named the firm Best Lawyers Best Law Firms. This legal team provides initial evaluations and consultations at no cost.


985 Kendall Dr

San Bernardino, CA 92407

+1 909-436-4610

  1. Peach and Weathers 

Peach & Weathers – A Law Corporation is a Riverside, California-based law firm with an additional office in Redlands.

It focuses on providing personalized attention and experienced lawyers to handle all aspects of injury cases, including motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents, as well as claims involving drunk and distracted driving.

Clients injured in medical malpractice, construction accidents, wrongful death, and bad faith insurance cases are aggressively advocated for maximum compensation by the attorneys.


7095 Indiana Ave Ste 200

Riverside, CA 92506

+1 909-889-0471

  1. The Kia Law Firm 

The Kia Law Firm is a Riverside, California-based law firm that serves clients throughout Southern California.

It provides legal services for car accidents and serious driving offenses such as DUI and driving while license is suspended.

Other areas of practice include legal representation in cases involving kidnapping, arson, manslaughter, and three strikes law. Attorney Kia Feyzjou is a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of California.


4275 Main St

Riverside, CA 92501

+1 951-686-4818 

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