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Where Is Lionel Messi Avenue? How Fans Renamed Street Unofficially After Messi

Lionel Messi Avenue

It is not new for streets, avenues, bridges among other landmarks to be named after popular figures in recognition of their contribution to society or remarkable achievement in their chose field. Lionel Messi was honoured by fans as they named a street after him in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The name of the street was termed “Lionel Messi Avenue.”

Even though the renaming was done without the backing of the local authority, “Lionel Messi Avenue” have been unofficially adopted by the locals especially among football fans and it has not changed since last December when videos of the renaming went viral on the internet. The name of the street is known as “Santa Fe Avenue” officially but it was renamed as “Lionel Messi Avenue” by joyous fans in the capital.

Where Is Local Messi Avenue?

Local Messi Avenue is located in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is a street that was renamed by Argentinian fans to honour the Inter Miami striker after he led the team to the FIFA World Cup title in December 2022. Lionel Messi Avenue is not officially backed by law but it has been generally accepted by the host community in the capital.

lionel messi avenue

A Twitter user wrote, “The celebratory videos show a group of fans spotted changing a street name to Messi Av. in recognition of his efforts at the World Cup.”


In the early hours of Tuesday 20th December, 2022, an exuberant sea of Argentine fans, numbering in the hundreds of thousands and possibly even reaching millions according to some estimates, poured onto the streets of Buenos Aires. The occasion was the triumphant return of their World Cup-winning soccer team, captained by the legendary Lionel Messi.

As their plane touched down in the pre-dawn darkness, the atmosphere at Ezeiza airport was nothing short of electrifying. Despite the clock striking around 3 am, the crowd had gathered with an array of banners, flags, and flares, creating a vibrant tapestry of colours. The resounding cheers echoed with joy that had been building up for 36 years since Argentina’s previous World Cup victory.

Argentina defeated former holders France 4-2 on penalties after an exhilarating 3-3 draw where Lionel Messi scored twice and Kylian Mbappe bagged a hattrick.


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