Why FIFA, UEFA won’t block Messi’s move despite Barcelona contract clause

Why FIFA, UEFA won’t block Messi’s move despite Barcelona contract clause

It has been revealed that neither FIFA nor UEFA will prevent Lionel Messi from signing for another club if the economic regulations governing salary limits and the so-called Financial Fair Play are met and the Spanish courts will be allowed to interpret the clauses of the player’s contract if there is no agreement between the parties.

FIFA will process the Argentine’s signing for a new club as soon as a formal written offer arrives to TMS , its technological tool for registrations and cancellations. For FIFA, the footballer’s right to work (to play) will always prevail over the legal dispute, which could be extended over time with the consequent damage to the affected person.

In the last two decades a signing has not been aborted due to a legal dispute, and when there have been differences between the player and his club, as there may now be between Messi and Barça on account of the 700 million of the clause, that has not prevented a player from changing teams.

Therefore, Messi’s international transfer transfer certificate will be process and everything else will be legal disputes that must be resolved in the Spanish courts.

UEFA will also not object to the Argentine changing teams, although it will demand that his new club meet the conditions required by the Financial Fair Play Regulations and with the established salary limits.


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