Wilfred Ndidi bags degree from UK University

Wilfred Ndidi bags degree from UK University 2

Super Eagles midfielder, Wilfred Ndidi, has attained his first degree at De Montfort University in the city of Leicester.

The Leicester City defensive midfielder disclosed this in a video chat with Football Daily as he revealed that the degree will open a floodgate of opportunities for him outside football.

Ndidi said that the knowledge in business and management he has just acquired will be useful for him as he plans to go into business when he retires.

Recall that Ndidi once sold groundnut and other food items in the street of Lagos before he stepped into limelight on foosball.

He said, “Yeah, I am done. I did like a 10-course class which can enrol me into a proper university degree.”

Back in 2019, Ndidi was interviewed by Sportsmail and spoke extensively on his desire to pursue education while still being an active footballer.

“I have spare time, so instead of sitting and playing FIFA, it’s good to understand the four walls of schooling,” Ndidi told Sportsmail.

“In Nigeria some players want to play football and then they forget about school. But if you do both you can continue with whichever one works out, instead of just hoping for football, football — and then you don’t make it.”

Ndidi also talked about the idea to establishp more options outside football for young people in Nigeria.

“All my life I wanted to play football and this is my career now but there was pressure from my dad not to go that way because he wanted me to stay at school. He was not convinced I was doing the right thing until he first saw me on television, playing for the Under 17 national team.

“The population of Nigeria is massive and it is so hard to make the grade as a footballer, so I have a clear vision of a place where you can play football and study, either in Lagos or Abuja.

“I have spoken to my godfather about making it happen. If kids don’t make it in football, I want them to think they can get a degree and work, instead of roaming the streets.”

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