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10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021. 

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  2

While some people prefer to watch movies with real-life characters, others have special and unrepentant affection for anime movies, especially the ones that have romance, love among other elements as their theme. 

Romance Anime movies are without a doubt the most common type in the Anime genre. One can deduce that one of the reasons why it is so is because they appeal to young people. 

Most Romance Anime Movies mirror issues such as love, friendship, pleasure, deceit, heartbreaks, conflict, revenge among young adults. 


If you want to watch movies that will get you so emotional or shed tears, then you might want to consider some romance anime movies either recent or old. 

No matter how icy or hard your heart is, some of these romance anime movies are particularly made to shrink or melt that heart of yours. 

The list below contains some of the best romance anime movies ever. You can watch most of them on movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube among others. 


Brief History of Anime and its meaning 

Anime is a hand-drawn and computer animation that originated in Japan. It is derived from the English word, “Animation” and it characterizes all animated works, regardless of style or origin.

The first recognized Japanese animations date to 1917. A distinctive art style began in the 1960s with the works of popular cartoonist Osamu Tezuka and it circulated in the years that followed, developing a vast indigenous audience. Anime is distributed theatrically, through various means such as television broadcasts, directly to home media, and over the Internet.

Two characters Emakimono and kagee are regarded as the harbingers of Japanese animation. Emakimono was popular in the eleventh century. Traveling storytellers enacted tales and anecdotes while the emakimono was unrolled from the right to left with sequential order, as a moving scenery. Kagee was popular during the Edo period and emanated from the shadows play of China. 


Japan began its animation movies in the early 20th century when filmmakers began to experiment with procedures pioneered in France, Germany, the United States, and Russia

What are the best romance anime movies? 

Here is a list of 20 romance anime movies you can watch in 2021. 


  • BTOOOM (2012)

Romance Anime movies

Btooom, released in 2012, is an action-packed romance anime and sees the principal hero Ryouta Sakamoto caught in a genuine adaptation of a game he plays.

 To return home, he needs to kill different competitors to win a badge of triumph which is in the form of a green crystal. 


He is helped by his in-game spouse Himiko. They got emotionally attached while attempting to endure this life and passing game.

  • ORANGE (2016)

Romance anime movies


The anime story follows the existence of Naho Takamiya a secondary school student. One day she gets a letter sent by her future self. 

The letter subtleties her second thoughts and errors throughout everyday life and what she needs to do to transform them.

The story is wonderfully written anime rejuvenates the person and addresses other passionate and interesting themes.


  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (2014)

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  3

Death, an unwanted guest takes one’s loved one away, often leaves a devastating effect on one’s life. 


When pianist, Kousei Arima lost his mother, depression got the better of him such that he left the piano for about two years. 

Destiny began to take a good turn on him when he met with violin player Kaori, who helped him to trace his steps back to music.

  • Doukyuusei’ (2016) 

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  4

Doukyuusei’ is a recent anime film that centers on  homosexuality between two male characters. This is a truly incredible heartfelt/dramatic anime that addresses some truly profound concerns around male sexuality. 

Rhito Sajou and Hikaru Kusakabe met each other by chance. The young men are totally unique;  Hikaru is a guitarist in a band and the other is an intelligent A-level student.


Hikaru helps Rhito in planning for a chorus. Gradually they begin meeting frequently and before anybody knows it, they experience passionate feelings for each other. 

  • Toradora (2008)

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  5


This is one of the most romantic Anime movies. It follows the story of Ryuuji Takasu who tries to get close to Minori, a lady he has a crush on. 

While trying to get close to her, he met with Taiga, an apparently sweet young lady in a superficial yet hot fountain of liquid magma inside.

She in the end consents to help Ryuuji if he assists her with her crush as well. Ironically, Ryuuji and Taiga fell in love with each other.


  • Whisper of the Heart 

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  6

Whisper of the Heart is the narrative of Shizuku Tsukishima, a 14-year-old young lady spending her late spring excursion perusing a lot of books. 


Curiously, practically every book she gets from the library has likewise been acquired by somebody named Seiji Amasawa, who unmistakably shares her opinion regarding writing. 

One day when she is riding the train, Shizuku sits close to a feline, and inquisitively follows it off the train to see where it’s going.

The romance in this anime movie is consistently guiltless and sweet, with the film’s English name Whisper of the Heart being appropriate to it.


  • Hotarubi no Mori

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  7

Hotarubi no Mori e is a standout amongst other romance anime movies that mirrors a tragic and heartfelt story that begins when Hotaru Takegawa becomes stirred up in the forested regions looking for a forest soul at only six years old. 


Luckily for her, she is found by a covered soul named Gin, and remembering that she can’t really reach him or he will disappear, he drives her safely out of the forest area. 

The solitary condition is that she should remain away for the endless future again, paying little heed to the sum she needs to. Each pre-summer anyway as she grows up, Hotaru crushes that assurance and gets the spirit to visit Gin.

  • The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  8

Written by Mari Okada, The Anthem of the Heart is set in Chichibu with the primary story spinning around Jun Naruse, a youthful, disoriented young lady. 

The Protagonist consistently wishes to communicate her actual feelings yet but she ends up harming others with the words she expresses. 


One day she met a nymph who offers to make her issues go. She seals away Jun’s words so they can never be spoken.

  • Only Yesterday (2016) 

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  9


The original version of this interesting English anime was released in Japan in 1991. It centers on a character known as Takeo, a resident of Tokyo who has spent most of her time in the city. 

She went on a journey to visit her family in the countryside where she reflects on her youthful years.

She remembers her hatred for mathematics and young men, the beginning of pubescence, and her first stirrings of emotions. 


On arrival, she is met by Toshio, a young, handsome farmer. Her meeting with him makes her question whether she has accomplished her childhood dreams or not. 

Her time in the countryside also brings back some of her forgotten cravings.

Only Yesterday is one of the best romance anime of all time, especially partly due to its wonderful animation, stirring emotions, and vibrant humor




  • Weathering with You (2020) 

10 interesting Romance Anime Movies you can still watch in 2021.  10


 Hodaka ran away to Tokyo during the summer of his first year of college and the challenges he had with his finances. 

He spends most of his days alone before getting a job as a correspondent for a dreadful occult magazine.

Hodaka met with a girl named Hina who has the supernatural power to stop rainfall and clear gloomy skies. 



We hope that you have already penned down two or three romance anime movies to watch this weekend? Just grab your soda and popcorn as you watch with your friends and family.



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