3 reasons why it will be a mistake to call off sporting activities due to Coronavirus outbreak

3 reasons why it will be a mistake to call off sporting activities due to Coronavirus outbreak

Paris Saint- Germain played their second leg round of 16 Champions League clash against Borussia Dortmund with no fans inside the stadium.

The usual reason for this sort of situation is that governing body UEFA sanctions a club due to a breach of rule or mostly due to racism.

However, neither was the case a PSG played in an empty stadium because of the pandemic Coronavirus.

NBA season postponed as Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tests positive for Coronavirus

The NBA has also been suspended due to Utah Jazz center testing positive for Coronavirus, however, is a suspension of all leagues the right move?

Here are 3 reasons why it will be a mistake to stop all-leagues due to Coronavirus

  1. Financial impact

A league is a corporate entity with several investors and business partners. For a league to thrive money has to be pumped in therefore partners have to see evidence of their investment. Revenue for sporting events is usually procured earlier and the cancellation would only lead to debt.

With all sporting activities being canceled not only will it eventually bring about a worldwide recession it could bring about a global financial collapse.

Players will not get paid for the job but the people most affected will be the training ground and stadium keepers and other staff that depend on the functionality of the league to survive.

UEFA Pool/Handout via REUTERS

2. Entertainment

With all the sporting activities proceeding to shut down, what will be the entertainment source for sports lovers?

Sports plays a crucial role in entertainment and relaxation and the absence of it would lead to chaos

3. Disruption

Sporting activities are usually scheduled ahead of time due to timeliness and planning for the next season. Stopping a league campaign will not only disrupt this season but future scheduled vents.

Sometimes drastic events do not need the most drastic measures, precautions can be taken to curb the spread of Coronavirus as shown in the PSG vs Dortmund game which went well and was available for the audience to watch.


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