60 Goals Soccer Talent Hunt Rounds-Up Kano Trials (Pictures)

60 Goals Soccer Talent Hunt Rounds-Up Kano Trials (Pictures) 2

60 goals soccer stars project is a talent search and scouting exercise which is aim at discovering and promoting young players in Nigeria. The project has selected some good and marketable football players from various states and it has been a success. 

Kano state screening program started 1st of June and the first stage screening was more than 35 teams that participated. 230 players shortlisted for the 2nd stage. 77 players shortlisted for the 3rd stage. Then finally 25 players were shortlisted for the 4th stage. 
60 Goals Soccer Talent Hunt Rounds-Up Kano Trials (Pictures) 3
The selected players had a practical session with the local coaches that attended the coaching seminar of coach Prof. Miroslav Marjanovic and was organized by 60 Goals Global. The players had a 90mins game against the Kano Pillars main team in the 2nd half. The game ended at 2:1 in favor of kano pillars. The selected boys put pressure on the pillars. The selected players showed a lot of good vibes.  
60 goals soccer

The 25 best-selected players will be camping at Abuja in the following week so that they Have proper tactical and professional training from the foreign coach (Prof. Miroslav Marjanovic) Croatian & Canadian. Middle of July Malmo FC of Sweden, FK Liberac of the Czech Republic, and some group of international scouts from Europe will be in Abuja for a scouting grand finale(17th – 18th July 2021). 

Malmo Fc of Sweden is organizing a scouting tournament for 60 goals soccer stars project in Sweden. 

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