70 jokes about short people that will make you laugh


70 jokes about short people that will make you laugh

There is a need to know more about jokes about short people. In this article, we will take a look at jokes about short people that will make you laugh. These jokes can be used because you want to make fun of a short person or to lighten up the mood and tension in a room.

1 Do you need a stool so you can see my breasts?
You’re so short, you must need a ladder to reach your advice/dreams.

2 I heard short people can hear what the ancestors are saying since they’re so close to the ground.
You’re the literal definition of down to earth.


3 You’re so short I bet you don’t have to bend to tie your shoelaces.
I wonder how the weather is down there.

4 You hardly see a short person being fat at the same time. They have to do a lot of exercise going up and down the kitchen.

5 One-day short people will rule the world. All 5ft of it of course.

6 You are so short, I bet your parents left you at home most times when they went to the pool, because they’re scared you’ll drown in the kiddie pool.


7 Do you know what a little get together is? – a short people party. Must be so hard being over looked all the time.

8 Short people like you can use Legos for steps and not break a sweat.

9 At least one advantage of being short is you get to be in front for all pictures taken every time.

10 Do you know your head would make the absolute best armrest?


11 Do you know what short people call miniature golf? – golf.

12 Short people tend to get angry easily, because they’re so close to the ground their anger doesn’t dissipate easily.

13 In some countries it’s against the rules for a short person to drive, because they can’t see where they’re going.

14 Must be tough needing a step stool to kiss your wife good bye each day.


15 You look like you still have a lot of growing up to do.

16 I can see you’ve chosen not to grow over the past few years.

17 Everyone knows that it’s easier to bury short people. All you need to do is find the right shoe box.


18 Behind every short woman is a house decoration that was being hidden.

19 You should go and fight with someone your own size. Like a toothpick.

20 Jump up 10 times each morning it would help you elongate yourself.

21 Wearing heels almost makes you the same size as other people on the face of earth.


22 You’re so short you could sweep under your bed while standing.

23 Your momma is so short; her passports look like full-fledged pictures.

24 You’re so short you would need a lift to kiss your bride.

25 Your mom is so short she could ride a Doberman as a pony.


26 You’re so short you could be drowned by heavy rains.

27 Coming down the stairs must feel like skydiving for you.

28 I hope the next stage of your life comes with a ladder.

29 Hey snow white called and asked when you were coming home.


30 You’re so short, you can swing your legs when you sit on a stool.

31 You’re so short you could use a pillow as your bed and still have some wiggle room.

32 Someone said it sounds like plates breaking when two midgets have sex.

33 You can crawl into tight spaces like all those little rodents. You should consider it your super power.


34 The only difference between short people and gnomes is their ability to speak.

35 Midgets are always the last to find out when the rains start.

36 How do short people greet others? They microwave.

37 What do you call short people on a merry-go-round? A midget spinner


38 Does anyone know the PC term for short people? …or do yall also struggle with gnomenclature

39 Do you know what always catches my eye? Short people with umbrellas

40 Why do you need to explain jokes to short people? To make sure it doesn’t go over their head.

41 I love short people They’re more down to earth.


42 Sometimes I want to make a joke about short people, But I don’t want to stoop to their level.

43 Never fight short people They hit below the belt

44 Sometimes when I look at short people I wonder… If they’re able to reach their goals

45 Tall people and Short people should never date. Long distance relationships never work out.


46 Why can you lie infront of short people without consequences? It goes over their heads.

47 You shouldn’t make fun of short people They belittle themselves.

48 My local funeral service is offering a 2-for-1 deal on coffins… … but only to short people.


49 Short people are oppressed They’re always getting overlooked.

50 **Tall People:** I’m somewhere around 6 feet. **Short People:** I’m 5 feet and 5.756432841 inches.

51 When short people smoke weed, they don’t get high They get medium

52 Why can’t short people get depressed? They’re always looking up!


53 Why can’t short people become chefs? Because it’s a high steaks job

54 I’m not saying short people are inferior but I do look down on them.

55 I read a headline that said “short people are less intelligent than taller people” That can’t be true. Einstein was 5’7″ and Stephen Hawkin was 3’5″.


56 What’s so offensive about short people jokes? I consider them the height of comedy

57 Short people are materialistic. Tall people are bigger than that. They can see past it.

58 Short people shouldn’t hate short jokes We’re just complaining that we need more of them

59 What do short people call something that’s too high up? Absolute zero, because it’s impossible to reach


60 Have you ever noticed that short people have more role models than anyone else? It’s because they are looking up to everyone

61 It’s easy to make fun of short people. The jokes always go over their head.

62 If short people smoke weed , Do they get high or medium?

63 What are short people??? Short people are the future. They consume less food, use less car fuel & more of them fit on the earth.


64 I hate even short people say “that’s what’s up” Like isn’t everything up to you?

65 You’ve really got to hand it to short people…. They’re just too short to get it themselves

66 I met a couple of really short people today They were really down-to-earth guys.

67 You shouldn’t make fun of short people Because it’s a little person too… I mean a little too personal


68 Sometimes I want to make a joke about short people But I don’t want to stoop to their level.

69 Short people are always sad Because they can never reach happiness

70 Stop making jokes on short people It’s not funny if the person getting trolled can’t enjoy it. After all, most of the jokes go way over their heads.

71 Do you know what always catches my eye? Short people with umbrellas.


72 Attack on Titan is actually slice of life For short people

73 Why can you lie infront of short people without consequences? It goes over their heads.




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