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90s phrases that are still in vogue to date and their meanings

90s phrases that are still in vogue to date and their meanings 2

90s phrases that are still in vogue to date and their meanings

Learning catchphrases and slang is as important as learning a new language when you move to a new environment. The slangs are usually mixed with the regular language and if you don’t get a grasp of both, you mind it difficult to understand people. 

Slangs are peculiar to locations and time, while some are not necessarily popular nowadays, others are still quite relevant and they are used within the frame of the normal English language. 


The 90s phrases are used to express different feelings or moods. They are fun to use and it makes communication, especially among the young interesting. Some 90s phrases are shortened forms of greetings. 

In this piece, we shall be taking a look at 100 90s phrases that young people still use today. 

90s phrases

  • Let’s Bounce 

This is one of the most common 90s phrases. It is synonymous with “Let’s go” 

  • Sup

It’s a way of greeting. It’s the shortened form of “What’s Up” 

  • Take a chill pill 

To take a chill pill means to relax or be patient especially when one is in a tense situation.



  • Talk to the Hand 

When you are having a conversation and you are tired of hearing what the person is saying, raise your hand and place it in the direction of his or her face. 


  • What’s the 411?

This is also one of the most common 90s phrases. It is used when you want to get the latest news, lists, or gossip in town. 


  • I’m Buggin 

This 90s phrase is used to express trepidation or fear. For instance, “I’m bug in right now, I think someone stole my wallet” 



  • Gettin’ Jiggy 

Curled from Will Smith’s popular video in the 90s, “Gettin Jiggy, ” this expression means to dance without minding whether one is watching or not. 

90s phrases that are still in vogue to date and their meanings 3

  • Fly

Nowadays, you might use “hottie” or “hot” in describing someone attractive or good at something. However, in the 90s, “Fly” was used instead. 


  • Jammy 

This phrase is used in characterizing someone fortunate. 



  • Booyah 

An expression of joy, surprise, or excitement. 


  • Aight

This means All Right 


  • Hasta La Vista, Baby 

This catchphrase is from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s title character from the 1991 science fiction thriller film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It means Goodbye 



  • Alrighty then 

A phrase used in dismissing someone’s stupid action


  • Whatever Trevor

An Australian phrase that means Okay or Suits yourself

  • Pure Class 

Used to express something or performance that is exceptional


  • Da Bomb

Used to describe something that is super-amazing or extraordinary. 


  • Muppet 

This is also one of the most commonly used 90s phrases. When someone is described as a muppet, it means that the person is foolish. 



  • I put the screw in the Tuna 

An informal way of confessing to a wrongdoing 


  • Cowabunga 

A phrase used in expressing excitement curled from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 


  • Going Postal

This 90s phrase is used when someone is becoming very angry, up to the point of violence. 



  • Head Banger 

Used in describing someone who loves heavy metal music. It’s also used in referring to someone who is extremely annoying. For instance, your friend is such a headbanger


  • Can you smell what the Rock is Cooking? 

Can you guess what I’m thinking? 


  • Tattle-Tale 

Someone that reports the wrongdoings of other people to the management or a person in a position of authority. 



  • Taking the Mickey 

To take the piss. 


  • All that and a bag of chips

One of the top 90s phrases. It is used in describing a person that is really nice, admirable, and decent. For instance, David is all that and a bag of chips. 


  • Phat

Used in describing someone very good or reticent. 



  • Beans


Beans was used in place of money (dollars) in the 90s. For Example, “Please lend me 10 beans for a taxi” Bucks is commonly used now. 



  • Monnet 


A word used in describing a person who appears to be good-looking from a distance but on a closer look, he or she is far from being attractive. For example,”If you think Jaret is handsome, you gotta take a second look because he is a Monnet!” 



  • Chica 

Used in referring to a lady or a girl. 


  • Jack you up

To jack someone up means to beat the person mercilessly. 


  • Home Skillet

When you call someone your home skillet, it means the person is trustworthy and you can confide in him or her. The person can be a friend or a relative. For example, “Hello, home skillet, can we meet up soon? I have got to discuss something with you” 



  • Yadda Yadda Yadda

Made famous by Seinfield, it is used in place of unnecessary or irrelevant details about a story. 


  • Kick him to the Curb

A way of telling a girl to break up with a guy who has been treating her badly. For example, “Hey Rose, I think it is time you kick Jeremy to the curb” 


  • Fart-Knocker 

Fart-knocker was one of the most popular 90s phrases. It was coined from MTV’s Beavis and Butthead. It is used in describing a low-class person or someone useless. For example, “I am going out with that fart-knocker again this week.” 



  • Word 

A way of expressing affirmation to a statement. It is the shortened form of “Word Up.” For example, 

David: Do you understand what I just said? 


Tom: Word 


  • Open up a can of…

Used in expressing anger especially when someone did something that got you extremely angry. For instance, “Mark just tore my yearbook, I am about to open a can on him” 

  • Salty 

Used in describing someone who gets angry unnecessarily or someone who gets angry easily. For instance, “Lisa is always Salty, I think she needs to take a chill pill” 

  • Crib

Someone’s house

  •  Clownin’

To act crazy 



  • Bout it – Bout It 

It originated from pop culture. It is used when someone is ready to do anything. 


  • You go, Girl

An expression used in encouraging someone especially a girl or lady who is doing something great or interesting. 



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