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Steffy Moreno: Get to know the background, career, net worth of the Colombian model! 

Steffy Moreno: Get to know the background, career, net worth of the Colombian model!  2

Modeling is one thriving industry without a doubt and models who walked the runway before the advent of social media will be definitely jealous of modern-day models like Steffy Moreno, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delavingne among a long list of others. 

Aside from walking along the runway or modelling for top fashion brands, Steffy Moreno and her contemporaries, with the aid of social media have also become content creators and influencers. 

They don’t just post pictures and videos for fun but good content they create or post online is in fulfilment of a contractual agreement between them and a brand. So, apart from making money on the runway, they also make money via their social media pages. 


Steffy Moreno is one of the beneficiaries of the power of social media and indeed she is one of the fan’s favourites. As a result of this, fans want to more about her – details that won’t necessarily be on social media or blogs. 

In this post, we will discuss what we know about her background, career, net worth, relationship status and other information that should arrest your interest. 

Who is Steffy Moreno? 

Steffy Moreno: Get to know the background, career, net worth of the Colombian model!  3
Steffy Moreno

Steffy Moreno, aka Steffyofficial, is a well-known TikTok celebrity that has 4.3m  followers on her official account. On December 1, 1992, Steffy Moreno was born. Steffy Moreno is a Colombian model, YouTuber, Tik Tok celebrity, content developer, and social media influencer. We will discuss Steffy Moreno’s life, famous works, YouTube career, and family in this post, so make sure to read it all the way through.



At a young age, she acquired an interest in modelling. Steffy was in high school when she was spotted by a modelling scout, and she went on to star in commercials for both local and national corporations and brands. 

Steffy Moreno: Get to know the background, career, net worth of the Colombian model!  4

She rapidly acquired a passion for travel, which some credit to her zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is noted for its adventurous nature and love of travel.

Steffy developed an interest in acting as well, and she featured in a handful of school plays. Steffy entered in 2010 and hasn’t spoken about her future education; nonetheless, some assume she attended college and graduated in 2014.



Steffy keeps her childhood secret, and she hasn’t revealed much about her parents out of respect for their privacy; her father is a construction worker, and her mother is a teacher. Steffy hasn’t revealed whether she has any siblings, thus she’s considered to be an only child.

She wants to be one of Colombia’s most popular social media stars, but she has a long way to go: the most popular female star, Carmen Villalobos, has more than 17.2 million Instagram followers, Jessica Citadel has more than 8.2 million, and Carolina Cru Osorio has more than 6.3 million – all three girls are also models. 

Steffy Moreno Youtube 

Steffy Moreno is a model and YouTuber from Medellin, Colombia. She started a YouTube channel called Steffy Moreno on February 10, 2016, with over 750k subscribers (as of 2022).


She primarily shares her travel experiences and health films on her YouTube channel. Her channel features roughly 160 videos, most of which are trip footage. Getting this many YouTube subscriber is a huge accomplishment. This demonstrates her commitment to her passion.

Steffy Moreno: Get to know the background, career, net worth of the Colombian model!  5

Steffy is active on all major social media platforms, but TikTok is her most popular, with over 3.6 million likes on all of her videos combined. These were taken in her everyday life and primarily depict her travelling, lip-syncing, and dancing.

She has almost 90k Instagram followers and has uploaded over 850 photographs. Steffy appears to adore capturing and publishing pictures of her stunning figure on Instagram.


Steffy’s curvy shape is what has helped her gain a following, and she isn’t ashamed to flaunt it in front of her followers. Steffy Moreno has been accused of being a lesbian.

Steffy Moreno’s Net Worth 

Steffy is a beautiful model who makes money from her YouTube videos. Aside from that, her OnlyFans account is a source of extra revenue for her. Yes, Moreno is also a member of OnlyFans. Let me inform you that her account’s monthly subscription charge is around $30. Steffy’s net worth is now estimated to be about USD 3.5 million. She is currently residing in Columbia and leading a wealthy lifestyle.

Steffy Moreno Boyfriend

Who is Steffy Moreno’s boyfriend? The model has bit revealed whether she is in a relationship with any man or not. There are also rumours that she is a lesbian. She tends to keep the non-business details about her life off social media. 


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