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All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple

All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple 2

All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple

There is a need to know who Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber are. Their names are among the trends and in this write up we would take a detailed look at them.

Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber 

Suzy Kolber is the main co-host of ESPN’s show Monday Night Countdown.

She currently works at ESPN and is a sports anchor, producer, TV personality, famous American sports news reporter, and video reporter.


Her full name is Suzzane Lisa Kolber and she is married to Eric Brady. The Sports Reporter was born to parents Gene Kolber and Sandra Kolber in Pennsylvania, United States (USA) on the 14 of May 1964 which makes her 56-years-old. Her eye colour is blue and She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters). 

Eric Brady

She attended the Sandy Run Middle School in Pennsylvania. At ten years old, Suzy won a spot on the school football team, because of a strong disagreement from adults and her parents.

She would however quit. later she switched to a new different school was known as Upper Dublin High School where she would graduate in the year 1982.


In 1986, Suzy graduated with a Telecommunications Bachelor of Arts degree from the Miami University.

Suzy and her husband Eric started dating after they initially met around 2005-2006. the couple is parents of a daughter named Kellyn Brady, who was born in the year of their wedding.

She has been married to Eric Brady since 2008. Suzy and Brady met each and started dating for over four years Around 2005. There was no public announcement about their marriage.

Suzy Kolber


Suzy married her husband Eric Brady, and they have a child together, a daughter In 2008. Suzy has not been linked or reported to have an affair with any man Since her marriage to Eric Brady.

the couple began dating back in the early 2000s and was in a relationship for years. Their family members and close friends only attended the event in a very low key wedding ceremony when they tied the knot in the late 2000s.

They have remained tight-lipped about their marriage keeping things totally out of the public glare. their little girl also had a low-profile upbringing just like the couple’s secretive nature.

The interview that led fame


On 20 December 2003, Suzy Kolber was linked in an incident that gathered the attention of the whole nation. 

Joe Namath now retired Jets quarterback said he did not care about the fact that his team was struggling and that he would like to kiss her during an interview with Suzy who is a married woman.

He explained that his alcoholism had caused him to behave like that. After his behavior and comment towards her were hugely criticized, he publicly apologized for his behavior.

Suzy Kolber career

between 1984 and 1986 She worked at Dynamic Cable as a sports director in Coral Gables for two years, In Florida. Suzy worked as a videotape coordinator At CBS Sports.


Suzy has also hosted various sports TV shows such as X Games and Winter X Games. She was an NFL reporter During her time at FOX NEWS for three years. while she worked as a producer in Miami. 

All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple 3

in 2014 Suzy joined ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown show as a replacement for Stuart Scott she got a permanent role Within a year.

Suzy won the local Sports Emmy. Suzy was one of the famous sports reporters included in Sports Business Daily’s Top 10 favourite Sports TV Personalities Of The Year Back in 2004 as well as the 2006 Maxwell Club Sports Presenter of the Year.


Also, she is in the Hair Fan Hall of Fame. ESPN2 was founded in the year 1993, She is known as one of the famous ESPN2 anchors.

thanks to her brand ESPN She has thousands of fans across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple 4

The journalist also looks like she doesn’t enjoy much public attention but judging by her infrequent posts, she is active occasionally on social media


for his high profile link-up with celebrity Eric Brady has been into the limelight as his wife is one of the prominent employees at ESPN since 1999.

From a variety of roles from sideline reporting to sportscasting the known on-air personality has covered numerous major events for the network Over the course of her extensive career.

Eric was born and raised in the United States of America. However, has also refrained from making any public appearances.

All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple 5


He is an American as per his nationality and has a Caucasian ethnicity. Brady has kept his family details behind closed doors.

there is nothing more to known about him besides the fact he is a popular as a hubby of Suzy. There is no single account of Eric on social media handles as he is inactive.

Suzy has a good salary from her long-term association with ESPN. as of 2020 Brady’s wealth is $100,000. Suzy serves as a national TV spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola and Chevrolet commercials.

She makes quite a good riches from her multiple endorsement deals In addition to her media career From her media career she has an estimated net worth of $2 million.


All you need to know about Suzy Kolber and Eric Brady the famous couple 6

It is unclear if she has an investment in other properties or industries as she has an overall net worth of $15 million even though her primary source of income is journalism 

The story of Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber is on which reflects almost peak perfection from the couple. Suzy thrust into the male-dominated world of sports even as an anchor 

Suzy had a major incident where she did an interview and her sexuality was the topic of conversation. However, she was able to transcend from that into bigger things.


As for her husband, not much is known about him except his dedication to making the home and taking care of their daughter based on the very demanding working schedule of his wife.

This has made him take a very low key approach to his life outside the confines of his homes despite the popularity of his wife.

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