Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth

Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth 2

The name Mike Lookinland is one that is of huge credibility in the American movie industry Hollywood. In this article, we will take a close up look as to who is Mike Lookinland and answer the question people want to know through their search which is what is his net worth?

Mike Lookinland Bio 

Mike Lookinland was born with his official name Michael Paul Lookinland. He4 is a former actor born in Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States of America (USA) on the 19th December 1960.

Mike Lookinland was raised in a Mormon family by his father, Paul Lookinland, and mother, Karen Lookinland along with two siblings. He has a brother Todd Lookinland who is also involved in the film industry as an actor.

Mike Lookinland matriculated in the late 1970s from Chadwick High School. After he graduated from high school, Mike Lookinland became a student at the University of Utah. However, it was around this period he began to pursue his acting career and quit education at the college level.

Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth 3


His acting career was from 1969 to 2000. Since the year 1987, Mike Lookinland has been married to Kelly Wemuth, and are happy ever since. the couple are blessed with two sons together and one of them portrayed Mike in the film Growing Up Brady.

Their two sons are Scott Lookinland born in 1990 and Joe Lookinland born in 1993. The wife of actor, Kelly Wermuth was a script supervisor in different television shows. the talented actor met his future wife on the shooting set only which may seem unbelievable.

The couple got together and dated for a while before marriage. The couple celebrated their thirtieth anniversary in 2017 and are still going on strong. Mike is known as a huge fan of the rock band Grateful Dead as in his free time he enjoys music.

Mike Lookinland made his introduction to the film industry at such an early age and has spent over four decades in the American television industry. He is probably still best known for starring in The Brady Bunch as television series that lasted from 1969 till 1974 where he played the role of Bobby Brady.

It was an extremely popular TV series, and his life changed when he was selected for the role of Bobby Brady, the youngest of three boys, for the TV series back in 1969. He would continue to play that role in spin-offs and films of the original series such as The Brady Kids from 1972 till 1973, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour from 1976 till 1977, The Brady Girls Get Married in 1981, A Very Brady Christmas in 1988, and The Bradys in 1990.

Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth 4

Mike landed on the role of Robert Bobby Brady at the legendary sitcom The Brady Bunch at the tender age of eight. The actor appeared in the series as the lead character for five seasons from 1969 to 1974. the role will create his separate identity to the glamor world for the rest of his lifetime but little did he know then at an early age.

He kept on playing different recurring and guest roles in further Brady Bunch editions as the role never left his side. Mike Lookinland portrayed himself in the latest edition of the Brady series titled A Very Brady Renovation. The first season consisting of seven episodes was premiered on September 9, 2019.

Since his early childhood days, Mike Lookinland also made names from different other filmography projects and television series. He has appeared in Dead Men tell no tales alongside Orlando Bloom, The Point, and Funny Face. He also has been credited with other great movies and TV series with about 23 credits.

Mike Lookinland net worth

Because Mike Lookinland has been acting for decades has earned great fame alongside a lot of wealth. the veteran actor never looked back and is still actively performing Since debuting on-screen in 1969. he has also appeared in numerous TV commercials, and the new generational actors look up to him.

Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth 5

Appearing with great actors with big roles have boosted his career and also his net worth. the actor also earned a few big-screen credits as well. An Average actor earns about $57459, therefore his net worth was over $1.5 million, as of mid-2016.

Acting roles and his voice acting are primary sources for his wealth. He also owns a business in concrete making. through his successful involvement in the entertainment industry as an actor, He has been accumulating this amount of money.

He has a great net worth at least enough for providing him a luxurious life. he now has an estimated net worth of $2 million With all those incomes and continuous work in the acting field with another source is coming from his own business ventures.

The biography of Mike Lookinland is not one which may be appealing to youths of nowadays. The reason being that opportunities like that are difficult to come by in the modern era. However, Mike Lookinland made the most of the opportunities that came his way which kept him very much relevant in the movie industry as several eras came and went.

Mike Lookinland

Mike Lookinland also showed that he was able to be consistent in his delivery of one role over a very long stretch of time pleasing the audience repetitively with the various show of skill and versatility.

Mike Lookinland as we learned above is also someone who was able to garnish his career in the movie industry with reputable credits in various movies and television series over a long period of time while also doing it alongside some of the biggest names ever.

Mike Lookinland was able to maintain his marriage despite the side attraction of the American movie industry while also being able to create a luxurious lifestyle befitting of a veteran actor who was able to manage the funds he acquired over a long period of time which reflects in his net worth.

Mike Lookinland may not be the most decorated actor in the history of the American movie industry but has been able to make sure he will be remembered fondly while also having a healthy net worth.

Everything you need to know about veteran actor Mike Lookinland, including his net worth 6
Mike Lookinland

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