All you need to know about Virginia Donald, the ex-wife of former FOX News Anchor, Shepard Smith!

Several things could make one become a popular figure, especially in the entertainment and media industry. One is talent, controversy, or marriage to someone already famous in one of the aforementioned industries. For Virginia Donald, her marriage to FOX News broadcaster, Shepard Smith in 1987 catapulted her into fame and prestige.

Fans expected that the union of Virginia Donald and her husband would last long, it didn’t, as they divorced six years after exchanging their marital vows. They might be divorced, Virginia Donald’s status as a popular figure remains the same which means her followers would want to know more about her especially what she has been up to since her divorce.

Virginia Donald, unfortunately, belongs to that category of celebrities that lives a very private life which means there is only a handful or less of information about her. One might even hit “rock” harder than Moses did to get some “substance” about her.

However, the good news is that, in the next few paragraphs, we shall be revealing some germane details about her, her background, education, career, net worth as well as her relationship with Shepard Smith before they separated a few years after they got married in the year 1987.

Virginia Donald

Background and Education

Virginia Donald was born to two high school teachers in 1966 and was raised in Mississippi. Details about her formative years, siblings, if she had some remains unclear. Virginia Donald graduated from high school and she got her college education from the University of Mississippi where she studied Journalism and Acting.


Virginia Donald is not just famous for being the wife of a popular News anchor but also for being an actress and media personality as well. Her passion was to be a Hollywood star but her career didn’t accelerate the way she would have desired. Virginia Donald, however, was featured in a handful of shows where she played minors roles as well as some TV commercials.

She also wrote for some magazines and blogs in the United States

Relationship with Shepherd Smith

Virginia Donald met her husband was at the University of Mississippi. They were classmates. The duo dated for some years before they got married in 1987. However, their union ended seven years later via a divorce and both parties to date didn’t reveal the actual reason why they separated.

On the flip side, it was gathered that Smith’s marriage to Virginia Donald was more or less a way of quelling controversy about his sexuality. But it was revealed that Smith holds the 6th position on Out Magazine’s yearly chart of the 50 most influential gays and lesbians.

Shepard disclosed in 2017 that he is gay and he is currently dating a fellow Fox News staff named Giovanni Graziano after his divorce with Virginia Donald.

Virginia Donald as of 2020 is still single.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is valued to be around $2 million. Her fortune comes from being a celebrity’s ex-wife, her work on television commercials, her short acting career as well as her time working as a columnist for magazine giants.

Where is Virginia Donald?

She is not active on any social media networks and her public appearances are very limited.

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