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allison tila jet Tila’s wife: Background, Career, Net Worth, Family

Allison Tila

Allison Tila Background

Allison Tila is a well-known television host, cookbook author, and pastry chef. She is also known as Jet Tila’s wife. Food is something that both Jet and Allison like.

Chef Jet Tila oversees The Charleston and Pakpao Thai, both of which are found in Los Angeles, California. Three Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. sites are in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and were developed by Tila. Tila has worked as a restaurant developer and a small partner for the Pei Wei Asian Kitchen franchise (also known as Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC).

The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles appointed Tila and gave her the ceremonial status of “culinary ambassador” for Thailand.


Tila has also contributed to a number of records for novelty foods, such as the biggest stir fry, seafood stew, fruit salad, and California roll ever made.


Jet and Alison collaborate together and share a passion for cooking. Allison’s love of cooking began when she was seven years old and made custard from a Mickey Mouse cookbook.

Thanks to her substantial industry knowledge, she helps her husband operate their large culinary business.


They jointly own and operate restaurants in Dallas and Los Angeles with Compass Group, as well as a successful culinary consultancy business and a well-known fast-casual brand.

Allison is a media figure, just like her spouse. She frequently appears on Food Network with her well-known chef boyfriend, who has been featured on programs like Beat Bobby Flay and Cutthroat Kitchen. Guy’s Grocery Game, The Best I’ve Ever Eaten, and Chopped.

Because she is a media figure as well, his lover isn’t any less important. She likes to cook as well, especially baking.


As a result, she made appearances on KTLA 5’s morning news, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Home and Family Show, and Beat Bobby Flay.

She also acted as one of the judges for the most recent Food Network cooking competition, Ben & Jerry’s: Clash of the Cones. The judges were Jet and Charles Rivard together.

Additionally, she and her husband are the creators of the well-liked live-streaming series #EatLikeaPro, which shows viewers how to place orders and eat in ethnic restaurants.


In 101 Epic Dishes: Recipes That Show You How to Improve on the Classics, she is one of the authors. She and her husband co-wrote the book together for the first time.

Allison Tila

They decided to write a book together after realizing their followers wanted one after years of seeing them cook on social media. They described how their skill sets are complementary to Long Island Weekly.

Jet is great at seeing the big picture, but I’m more detail-oriented, Allison said. She also talked on how challenging it is to write a book, but she felt fortunate to have her best friend at her side for the entire process.


While she is the author of Copper Chef Titan Pan Cookbook and 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die: Explore a New World of Flavors in Authentic Recipes, her partner is the author of 101 Thai Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die: The Essential Recipes, Techniques, and Ingredients of Thailand.

Allison Tila Marriage

Ali Tilakmonkul has been married to chef Jet since 2011. Allison Tilakmonkul goes by Ali. She has a birthday on June 3 according to a Facebook message from her husband from 2016 wishing her a good birthday.

According to Mashed, they were married on May 9, 2011. This year, her husband posted pictures from their wedding to Facebook on the same day. Their admirers wished them a happy anniversary in the comments.


Jet discussed their relationship and how food brought them together with Long Island Weekly.

More than ten years ago, they made their first connection while he was teaching cookery classes, and they haven’t stopped since. Our book combines our two passions for cooking and teaching, he continued.

Allison Tila and Jet Tila Children

Allison Tila and Jet Tila have two children, a daughter, Amaya, and a son, Ren.


Amaya is the firstborn of the couple. They formally welcomed her into the world on November 17, 2017. She is currently five years old.

She usually appears with her parents on their social media pages when they are on vacation.

On June 16, 2018, the couple welcomed their daughter shortly after the birth of their son. His name is Ren Tila. He occasionally makes an appearance in videos or posts on social media by his parents.


Net Worth

Allison Tila’s main source of revenue is the cookbook he has available for sale, which contributes to her estimated net worth of $5 million.

In addition to becoming a reality television star, Tila has made a life as a successful cook. He has been in numerous television shows to date. The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Guy’s Grocery Games are two examples.

Chef Jet made the decision to work in television production more than ten years ago. As a result, he is recognized as one of Chasing the Yum’s producers. When he is not appearing on television, Tila may be seen working as the executive chef at renowned eateries like Pakipao Thai and The Charleston.


Social Media

Allison Tila is very active on Instagram. She has over 23,000 followers on her page.

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